1. D

    Enabling/ Selecting Filters

    I am using LR Classic 13.1 on a Windows 10 PC While in Library view, I use the following steps to select photos based on numerical rating: 1) Enable Filters 2) Filter by Ratings ( Select Number) 3) Select and higher and lower only Each time I'm going...
  2. J

    Library module move not work correctly

    I move a photo from folder A original folder to another folder B using using the library mode on lightroom, it asks me if I want to move the photos from one folder to another, I say yesThe problem is that the photos still exist in folder A in the library and also in folder B when they should not...
  3. D

    Switching between photos in library module is too slow

    I hope someone can help me resolve a frustrating issue I'm experiencing with Adobe Lightroom. I've searched for solutions online, but so far, I haven't found a satisfactory answer. Please help me, it is a pain to work like this. My primary problem is that Lightroom is incredibly slow when I...
  4. G

    LR Library Previews Display Issue

    Hi everyone. I have been having an issue for a few months and would love to get it resolved. I often shoot in DNG + JPG (B&W) mode with my camera. After import, all of the image previews in the Library display as B&W. They are being handled as separate files so I have one ABC.DNG file and...
  5. F

    How do I get small buttons/icons back in Library mode?

    Okay, this is annoying...and no doubt there is a simple answer I cannot figure out. After all, I've only been using LR for, what, about 10 years? Anyway, here's the situation. In the Library module, I no longer see what has been there until this afternoon - the 5 little icons for...
  6. thomasjohnlynch

    Lightroom 6.14 - Synchronize Folder Aborting "Lightroom has stopped working"

    I am getting this error now very consistently on my established folders and also when I try to import new 'camera roll' photos. I have optimized my library a few times thinking this might 'fix' whatever database or metadata issue it is stumbling upon? Very troubling. I have about 90,000...
  7. Paul_DS256

    Import Plug-Ins for Cloud Photo Libraries like Google, Apple and Meta

    A friend shared an article on Your Memories. Their Cloud suggesting ensuring you have copies of upload photos from cloud services you use. I was wondering there are any IMPORT plug-ins, for any Adobe product, that could bring down photo's in an Adobe product which provides library management...
  8. BadWolf

    Switch to Library - Default to Grid View

    Hi, When switching from develop back to the Library view, is there a way to make it default to GRID instead of Loupe view? It always shows the photo I was editing in the develop module but I'd prefer it to default to Grid view when I switch back to the library. Thanks!
  9. J

    Lightroom Downloader

    I have been using LR CLOUD for several years. Previously I used an earlier version of LR Classic and am still missing the Map module. My intention is to run both CLOUD and Classic, though only Classic for identifying files through the Map module. I will NOT edit within Classic. I am using the...
  10. P

    Colour difference between modules and 'before/after'

    I am finding a noticeable difference between the Library and Develop modules of the colours (reds and blues in particular) of some images recently imported into Lightroom (latest 11.2 version). My import preset only applies the chromatic aberration and lens profile corrections, but otherwise no...
  11. G

    Library taking up too much space

    Hi I have a 1TB Imac and have recently shifted about 738GB of picture files from imac to be stored on an external drive (or 3!) but there is about 740GB of my 1TB hard drive taken up with lightroom library files. Is there any way I can significantly trim or delete this file now the pictures...
  12. silkenpaw

    Library module Lightroom "knows" a folder exists but does not show it in catalog

    I am tidying up my Lightroom catalog (on Mac), which has ended up being in two parts. I try to move a whole day's worth of photos at a time. One problem I have is that when I try to move some files, I get a message that the folder for that date already exists in the part of the catalog I'm...
  13. A

    Workflow from iOS: Capturing Apple keywords

    Hi folks, I am working my way through a back catalog of 150k (very amateur) photos taken over the last 20 years or so. I have a workflow and a system in place by which I star-rate them (1=delete, 2=archive, 3=keep, 4=share, 5=showcase) in offline LRC (on PC). This works great for photos taken...
  14. S

    Library module Error with video (cannot play)

    Since few days ago, I have now unable to play any video file in the Library module. I can "see" them in the Grid view, but as soon as in go in Loupe it gets stuck and remains grey. Files are .MOV and I can open them in QuickTime. See example in screenshot below. Can anyone help me? Thanks in...

    Find selected image after scrolling away from it

    Tell me if any of you know a shortcut to accomplish this common task: In LR Classic's library module, I'm viewing the contents of a folder or collection that contains hundreds of images in grid mode. I click on one to select it. I scroll through more images and decide I want to go back to the...
  16. H

    Managing Apple Photos + Lightroom Mobile

    Greetings. I am wondering how people manage both the Apple Photos library and the Lightroom Mobile library on the iPhone. I have Lightroom set to automatically import from Apple Photos, but it leaves a copy in Photos so I have redundant copies. I don’t see a way to make it delete from the...
  17. J

    How can I include iCloud photos in library without duplicating them?

    Hi, I am using LR Classic on a PC, and I have a folder in Pictures that syncs with iCloud. I would like to include those photos in my LR catalogue. However, I don't see a way of using auto-import without copying the photos into a separate folder. How can I include them in the catalog and keep...
  18. S

    sharpness in different modules.

    Hi. Can somebody explain why in the library module the photos look pin sharp and when i go into the develop module the sharpness just disappears and the image looks as if it hasn't been sharpened even though it has and nothing has changed. Swap back and it looks perfect again. This is after...
  19. B

    Develop module Rendering difference between Library and Develop module

    Hey all, I've noticed a significant difference in the the rendering of an LR-stitched panorama between the develop and library modules. I'm relatively new to LR, but this is the first time I've observed such a disparity. As seen in the attached screenshots; the Library module rendering looks a...
  20. lbeck

    Identify photos in folders but NOT in Lr?

    I'm doing some housekeeping and wanting to trim fat from my Lr catalog prior to saving it to a separate, external HDD. My extensive catalog has many files peppered throughout 5-6 folders. Only about half of the total files in my folders are being used by Lr. Is there a way to easily identify...
  21. Martin van Gog

    Library module Reset target of set of smart collections.

    Hi outthere, In the library module I have a set of smart collections, based on ISO values. During the construction of the set I had selected 'All photographs' as a target folder. The filtering worked fine. But now I want to make another folder as a 'target' of the set. I can not do that. Does...
  22. S

    Printing issue in classic with mac os Mojave

    When in the Print Module, no image appears in the Present image on the top left. If I then press Print, my canon ip 8720 just sends an unprinted page through. I have read to delete the classic preference file and I am unable to even find the pref file.
  23. T

    Looking for suggestions: best approach using LRCC and /or LRCC Classic to manage current (10GB) and archived (60GB) libraries

    I'm currently trialling the Photography Plan and plan to opt for the 20GB of storage plan. I no longer amass thousands of images per month so in terms of the images I need access to for viewing / editing on a daily basis, my needs are quite modest and 20GB will be more than enough cloud storage...
  24. John Heuer

    Multiple Libraries

    Operating System: OSX Mavericks Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): CC Looking for suggestions as to how those of you with larger libraries manage them. I have a MacBook Pro with a 500GB SSD that is getting full, and my performance is crawling. My thought is two create two...
  25. W

    Cannot import to imagfes stored on an NAs

    Operating System:Windows 10 Lightroom Version: : CC 2015.12 [ 1125239 ] (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: I have my images stored on an QNAP NAS - 4 x 4TB drives in Raid 5 configuration. The catalog is stored...