1. lbeck

    Identify photos in folders but NOT in Lr?

    I'm doing some housekeeping and wanting to trim fat from my Lr catalog prior to saving it to a separate, external HDD. My extensive catalog has many files peppered throughout 5-6 folders. Only about half of the total files in my folders are being used by Lr. Is there a way to easily identify...
  2. Martin van Gog

    Library module Reset target of set of smart collections.

    Hi outthere, In the library module I have a set of smart collections, based on ISO values. During the construction of the set I had selected 'All photographs' as a target folder. The filtering worked fine. But now I want to make another folder as a 'target' of the set. I can not do that. Does...
  3. S

    Printing issue in classic with mac os Mojave

    When in the Print Module, no image appears in the Present image on the top left. If I then press Print, my canon ip 8720 just sends an unprinted page through. I have read to delete the classic preference file and I am unable to even find the pref file.
  4. T

    Looking for suggestions: best approach using LRCC and /or LRCC Classic to manage current (10GB) and archived (60GB) libraries

    I'm currently trialling the Photography Plan and plan to opt for the 20GB of storage plan. I no longer amass thousands of images per month so in terms of the images I need access to for viewing / editing on a daily basis, my needs are quite modest and 20GB will be more than enough cloud storage...
  5. John Heuer

    Multiple Libraries

    Operating System: OSX Mavericks Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): CC Looking for suggestions as to how those of you with larger libraries manage them. I have a MacBook Pro with a 500GB SSD that is getting full, and my performance is crawling. My thought is two create two...
  6. W

    Cannot import to imagfes stored on an NAs

    Operating System:Windows 10 Lightroom Version: : CC 2015.12 [ 1125239 ] (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem: I have my images stored on an QNAP NAS - 4 x 4TB drives in Raid 5 configuration. The catalog is stored...
  7. jlorenzo

    Library Module vs Develop Module

    A friend of mine asked me a good question and that is why does his Library module look so much different from his Develop module. I had a look at his modules and the difference was at least 1-1.5 stops Library being darker than develop. I made sure he was using the correct color space for the...
  8. GingeraMan

    Single or Multiple Catalogues?

    Hi.... a year in to this wonderful hobby and I have amassed several thousand images, even after significant curation. So I'm wondering - do others use multiple catalogues to help manage their libraries? E.g. one for personal / home, one for other work or events, one for say outdoors / landscape...
  9. W

    Transitioning LR library from mac to windows

    I'm in the transition from Mac to Windows and have a quick question about making the transition seamlessly First some quick background: - My files are stored on an external drive (same location/structure as when managing my library on Mac) - I copied my LR library file from the Mac to the PC...
  10. lbeck

    Need to optimize messed up library

    Bottom line - is there a way to filter a smart collection for the missing files marker? I've known for some time that my library is fraught with too many duplicates. I didn't know how many until I ran duplicate finder plugin and find that I have about 20K dups! This is the result of importing...