lightroom cc

  1. fadee naeem

    LR reseting all adjustment every time I save picture in PS

    Background: Hey everyone, I update my lightroom and photoshop cc 2015 now I have camera raw 9.7 which I believe is the latest one, after updating I am facing very annoying problem which wasn’t there before. Problem: When I use edit in photshop feature in LR. Photoshop open my file but when I...
  2. S

    LR 2015.7 on iOS El Capitan: unexpected error opening lightroom catalog

    I have my master catalog on an external HD formatted NTFS for Mac and Windows since I work on both systems. This is the second time I have this error when opening the catalog from the external HD. I also had an error message saying something about "using Pictures folder instead". I have checked...
  3. P

    Develop Sliders unresponsive on imac

    Hello I am a LR CC (monthly subscription) user and I am having major problems with the Develop sliders become unresponsive after about 10mins of use. I am working on an imac running Yosemite. Also if I switch the program off and on again it doesnt seem to have saved adjustments I made when...
  4. G

    Lightroom CC Catalogs Corrupting (plural)

    Hi- I just found this forum and hope someone can help me! My workflow is to download a photo shoot to LightroomCC on my MacbookPro, with the catalog and files on an external hard drive. After an edit, I open the same catalog in LR cc on my desktop computer, and after looking at it, close and...
  5. J

    Google Photos and Lightroom CC

    Hi All Im trying to see up a new macbook as it has just 256gb HD I have put all my photos on Google Photos I want to re cat them with lightroom on my new macbook I have trying to import from Google Photos but lightroom does not see any of the images that at there Should I just copy them to...