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  1. T

    Want a training course for Lr using an iPad Pro

    Lightroom Queen‘s books are fantastic and I turn to them when I need specific answers. However, I’m finding it very difficult to find a course that focuses on Lr CC for the tablet. Most are for phones. I’d welcome suggestions on a complete course from the nuts and bolts to the fine art of...
  2. H

    Lightroom web or Lightroom. Classic - Newbie

    Hi New member and newbie to the Lightroom sphere Hope I can get some advice please. So I run a fashion business and do pretty much everything myself. I do regular photoshoots which include photos taken on a regular camera, professional videos and then all photos taken on my my phone , they’re...
  3. A

    LrC and LR synching woes

    Great original content, great forum, thank you, Victoria. I feel I have wasted too much time trying to find answers on my own or going to the semi-official Adobe support forum. I see that there is an LrC and an LR subforums. There should be one for "Trying to live in LrC and LR at once and...
  4. K

    Lightroom CC start all over again How

    I have creative Cloud membership. I use Lightroom Classic on Desktop mostly. I had setup Lightroom CC at one time with synced images from my main catalog. I have not used Lightroom CC in the cloud for at least 12 months. Meanwhile, I changed location of my Lightroom Classic's catalog, made some...
  5. B

    Way to Allow someone else to add Keywords to Photos

    Hello, I am currently photographing and archiving family photo albums that my mother sent me. There are well over 1000 photos to capture and catalog. I have been trying to research a way to allow my mother to add keywords to photos remotely. I am using LRC and see that Lightroom CC does not...
  6. D

    IPad CC and WebCC Different Features?

    These 2 are not exactly the same. The iPad has lots of features not present in the panels on laptop. Any insights?
  7. nkawoods

    Smart Previews Only in Lightroom CC

    I'm using Lightroom on two computers, Lightroom Classic on one (my primary computer) and Lightroom CC on a smaller computer (which I use for travel). Several of my photos in Lightroom CC indicate that there is only a smart preview available in the cloud. I thought what I needed to do to fix...
  8. George Burrows

    "10 years of photos multiple drives-catalogs require attention " Seeking Expert advice :)

    Greetings, My LR skills have improved since 2009. However, 20TB of photos tell remain a nightmare. ( Windows custom desktop PC (Gamer but only for photography) I have lost photos by moving them without catalogs, saved multiple SD card shoots in multiple places. Could save several TB if I...
  9. R

    Sync Lightroom Classic and CC Sync Problems - Duplicate Files & Misorganisation

    Hi Guys I think I've truly stuffed up on this one! This is a Lightroom Classic post, although I'll be mentioning Lightroom CC a lot at the start. Background I am a long-time Lightroom Classic user. I've got a "Master Catalogue" of over 50,000 photos. These photos are sorted into a folder...
  10. Jay Clulow

    Where is my storage going..

    Hi, Recently I completed a rather painful exercise of starting afresh with Lightroom by going straight into Lightroom CC and storing my entire library on a 1TB Adobe plan first hand. Now that process has completed (14days solid Virgin Media connection maxed out) I would like to work on...

    Lightroom Mobile Searches Give Error Message

    Lately, when I try to search my photos in my browser on or via the Android LRCC app, it rarely works. In my Windows 10 Firefox browser, I get the message, "Error loading photos. Please refresh or try again later." On Android, I get, "No network connection. Results may be...
  12. R

    Migration of catalog

    I have been migrating from Classic to CC in small batches. I created a collection set in Classic which contains 1 year (or so) of photos in the folder structure that I maintain in Classic. I export the collection set as a catalog and then migrate it over. It is working well. I accidentally...
  13. T

    Sync Stop syncing LRCC albums / collections but leave collections in place on both?

    Not sure if I've gone about this the right way BUT my plan is (was) to use: 1) LRCC for essentially mobile based photography, syncing across laptop, phone and iPad 2) LRCC Classic for DSLR photography, storing my old archive AND store a back-up of the mobile images from LRCC 3) Use PS CC to...
  14. rob211

    Depth masking on iPhone

    A new experimental feature in Lr CC on iPhones only is the depth mask, which I think leverages the second camera in an iPhone (but not sure) to allow for creating a mask based on, well, depth. Create mask, then say blur or darken the background, etc. New Features in Lightroom CC Mobile (August...
  15. S

    Synch camera roll across iphone/ipad and lightroom

    I am a new user to lightroom cc trying to figure out my new workflow. I usually import all of my photos on a PC (windows 10), that I backup in dropbox. I also backup my iphone photos in icloud. I can't figure out how to keep my photos in synch across the camera roll and lightroom cc. I have...
  16. Antonio Correia

    Catalogs, settings and Back-ups

    I have 1 MacBook + 1 iMac + 1 LaCie drive. I work with all my available images stored in the last device with one computer or the other. Sometimes I make Back-ups And - sometimes - I used to erase the created folders. Not any more. Each time I erased and old Back-up I had problems about missing...
  17. J

    Duplicates, MTSfiles and smart previews

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. So I thought my question would already be answered, but It turns out I seem to use lightroom in a way few people do. Im not a professional photographer and although I've sold photos , Im mainly just documenting my life. I prefer to do it with proper...
  18. George Burrows

    Google /DXO Nik iPad Pro?

    Operating System:ios Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):cc Using Lightroom CC on iPad Pro. Looking for Nik stand alone app, but new DXO site will not download Nik. Searching for Pro alternative in App Store. Any Nik work around or similar products? Kind Regards, George
  19. mantra

    lightroom classic and cc installation question

    hi i have installed lightroom classic ( i call it v7 to avoid confusion) and lightroom cc i'm an adobe subscription , lightroom and photoshop i tried to install under w10 and sierra and hi-sierra lightroom cc , but i got several crashes but may i ask you a question? seeing i have started to be...
  20. P

    Both versions of new LR question

    Operating System: Mac - High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC I have just had a major problem with my MAC machine and have lost the last month's worth of Lightroom editing on two recent weddings (sadly my fault - last back up was mid Oct) I...
  21. C

    Map going offline and not reloading

    Greetings! For my first post... I'm been having an issue with the Map module in Lightroom CC. It is continuously going offline and not allowing me to move/drop/relocate images. When it finally lets me place an image, it will not allow me to move the map, pan in or out, etc. and just goes back...
  22. A

    Lightroom 4 to Lightroom CC + Photo Mecanic

    Hello, I have been using Lightroom 4 for many years on an old laptop. Works fine, but it's time for a new laptop. I don't have the product key any more, so I need to migrate to Lightroom CC. Long ago I decided to keep my original RAW files on an external hard drive and my exports on the old...
  23. Todd Zimmer

    Trouble updating to the latest LR 2015 CC

    I am trying to update but in the CC apps area LR says "up to date" and in LR under "help" System info" the version is: CC 2015 [1014445]. I've just purchased a Canon 5D IV. My Camera Raw CC is up to date and I can convert CR files to DNG and import into LR but would rather work more smoothly...
  24. M

    Lightroom CC Unable to launch default email program

    Lightroom CC has always been able to email directly to Outlook 2007. Suddenly I am receiving the message, "Unable to launch default email program."
  25. WimB39

    Lightroom CC 2015.10 has an error.

    Hi, When i am looking at the log file in Windows 10 i find an application error concerning Lightroom.exe. Sometimes LR stopt working and will be closed. Is there somebody who can help me. I apologize for the bad English