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Import not showing up in file created.

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Mr. Mike

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Jul 6, 2018
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  1. Windows 10
Hello there, I hope you can help me. I created a file for a new import and thought it had completed, yesterday. I just went to the file and it is empty. I reinserted the card and the files I wanted to import are blacked out like they were already imported and the files that I chose not to import are now ready to be imported as new files. Is there any way to get the files that it thinks were already imported. If I select one of the darkened files it gives me a message that it is a suspected duplicate. I just want to re-import the files . I have looked in my picture files and the date is not showing up. I'm sure LR put them in some other file. I don't want to look through 100s of files trying to find them. I did download the files to a pictures file but it only took the JPEGs. Just in case something goes wrong I don't want to lose 200 pictures. thanks for any ideas you might have on this.
Your question is difficult to follow, because you are using the word ‘file’ when you mean ‘folder’, but I think I understood. It sounds like you simply imported the first photos into a different folder than you intended to. That is why the intended folder is empty, but Lightroom does not want to re-import those files. They have already been imported. In the upper left corner, there should be a collection called ‘previous import’. If you click on that, you should see the imported photos. Select one and choose ‘Photo - Go to Folder in Library’. Lightroom should select the folder where this photo really went.
sorry about the use of the word file instead of folder. I did find the folder. It was listed with the date and not the name I had assigned to it. Thanks for your quick response.
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