import problem

  1. R

    LR 8.3 import "loses" import files

    I imported 3,000 photos in several batches, mostly NEF files, from Source folders on my desktop to a Destination folder on RAID, with lrcat files going to Pictures folder on computer. When import complete, my RAID shows only 1,000 image files in the Destination folder. All photos were from...
  2. M

    Import not showing up in file created.

    Hello there, I hope you can help me. I created a file for a new import and thought it had completed, yesterday. I just went to the file and it is empty. I reinserted the card and the files I wanted to import are blacked out like they were already imported and the files that I chose not to...
  3. Clara

    IMPORT PROBLEM: LRCC wont import .JPG or .TIFF files.

    Hi, guys! I'm new around here! Hope yall can help me. Here's the thing: I used to have the LR C5 instaled when it started to send me the following ERROR message when importing .JPG and .TIFF files: “The following files were not imported because they canot be read or the destination folder is...
  4. Russell Banks

    Importing from iPhone stopped working

    A few weeks ago (prior to upgrading to Mac OS Sierra), Lightroom lost the ability to import from my iPhone 6. The import menu sees the phone and displays the images, but when you click the Import button the thumbnails go away and it says "Importing photos" on the gray screen, but the progress...
  5. P

    Lightroom import problem

    Hi All, I'm a new member having import problems. I'm running Lightroom 5.7 on a macbook pro, OS sierra 10.12. Import has suddenly stopped seeing files. I shoot raw CR2 files on my Canons and have an import preset which converts to DNG. LR doesn't see the raw files on the card. I've imported via...
  6. Dirtnapper

    LR 5.7

    I can not get LR to sync folders, there are several that are there and were imported, but for some reason now are not showing up. I can see the missing folders in explorer. If I attempt a sync it hangs around 70%....for hours. What to do? Thanks.
  7. M

    Importing into LR Mobile from an SD card

    I apologise if this is a daft/ simple question but... I use LR Mobile on my iPad and have no issues and it syncs to my Mac and visa versa .. I am going away and want to be able to take my SD card out of my camera and use an apple adapter to import into LR mobile. even if i import the pictures...
  8. D

    Can't import/Add at full resolution

    A strange thing is happening with Lightroom CC. I want to add photos which already exist on my Win 7 PC hard drive to my catalog. I have done the following: File -> Import Photos and Video For source - I select the folder containing the photos The list of photos in the folder appears (grid...
  9. E

    Import not working in LR5.7

    I've had no problems with importing from my Canon 6D for 3 years. However, as of this week, LR recognizes the device but when I select the device, it spins and will not show any files to import. Eventually it says the program is not responding and I have to close out of LR. I've tried...