1. gegjrphotography

    Is there still a Facebook plugin

    I have searched this forum for an answer to this question but cannot find anything. When I go to the export dialogue window and select Plugin Manager I see an old Facebook plugin I use to use. In the Plugin Manager it says it's enabled. When I click on Show in Explorer I see a facebook.lrplugin...
  2. gegjrphotography

    Import exported images from a Facebook download.

    I have an issue and question. I exported some images from Facebook to my Google Drive using Facebook's new export function. After export I checked the images ℹ (information) and they all contained the correct capture date. However, when I then imported the images to my lrC catalog using the copy...
  3. pedz

    Syncing Instagram posts to Facebook

    I have an iPhone with the latest updates everywhere. If I get in Instagram and post a photo from my Photos it properly syncs the new post with a page I manage on Facebook. I've let to be able to get that to work if I start in the Lightroom iOS app. I've tried "Share to..." (top item) and...
  4. K

    Downloading pictures from FB

    I have been gathering photos from my digital storage, slides and soon scanned prints. I zeroed in on the pictures I have in FB because I saw an ad offering to make a photo album of my FB pictures. I tried it and it was fast but I don't want a hardcopy, I want digital. I wonder if anyone...
  5. R

    Publish Services WaterMark not getting displayed when Publishing to Facebook and Flickr from LR 6.0

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR 6.0 Hi, Is anyone facing this issue as me? Whenever I publish photos to Facebook and Flickr from Lightroom 6.0, even though I have water mark selected, watermark does not appear in Facebook or Flickr. This was...
  6. J

    Publish Services Facebook authentication failed..Publish from LR Classic

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):7.0.1 [1142117] Trying to publish to Facebook page without success. Published from LR lots before to a variety of locations without problems. Setup works fine. I authenticate with my main FB account, all of my non-user...
  7. WildVanilla

    I'm getting quite into this Publish thing

    Hi Publish Services has been something I've largely ignored, for fear of messing things up. But over the Christmas / New Year holiday I've bitten the bullet and gone for it! Here's what I'm now using it for: Hard Drive 1: my local camera club requires competition photos to be 1400x1050 with...
  8. D

    LR mobile to Facebook very low res. Why?

    Ok, so i love the fact that i can load my raw files on my iPad Pro and use LR to edit them. If i export as a JPG to the Photo app and upload to FB then i see a slight drop in IQ, but If i go from LR direct to FB the IQ is appalling. I know FB gets a lot of blame for everything, but if i can...
  9. reidthaler

    Remove Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from FB post

    I searched this forum, but couldn't find and answer. How do I remove the posted by Lightroom in Facebook? I have a client that really doesn't want to have it on her FB page. I've heard the Jeffrey Freidl has a more robust FB plug-in, but his site has been 404 for a few days, Thanks, Reid
  10. mikecox

    To 2 different Facebook pages

    I have "administrator" rights on an organization's website where they want me to post images but, while I can publish to my own Facebook page I can't figure out how to publish to theirs. I'm not sure how I am able to post things to their Facebook page since I have no password; I just log onto...