capture time

  1. L

    Library module Timezone correction via Capture Time to Exif plug-in

    I've done some searching to little avail. I'd like to add two hours (all date fields) to a batch of images. (I'm aware of the LR capture time edit option, but prefer this result if possible.) I have John Beardsworth's (@johnbeardy) plug-in, but feel quite overwhelmed and lost when trying to...
  2. B

    Strange Date results from "Edit Capture Time"

    I have a group of image files that include those scanned from negatives, prints and digital images from 2 different cameras. They are all of a Christmas morning. The capture dates are different on some of the scans and some of the digital files. There are 80 files in this windows directory all...
  3. Stephanie Booth

    photos which have lost their capture time

    I have a thousand or two photos which seem to have "lost" their capture time somewhere along the way. I might have old catalogue backups of these photos, somewhere, maybe before the time they lost the capture time in question. Unfortunately they have also been moved from one folder to another --...
  4. J

    TRYING TO VERIFY A MAJOR BUG: Metadata stripping on export.

    In the 2.8.1 version it looks as though not all metadata is correctly exported no matter the settings in the options. I am not talking about the caption etc but all the other IPTC metadata. If I use another application to set this data on import to the ipad - If there is no caption - The...
  5. Osikani

    Exporting photos to show Capture Date & Time.

    I have a DSLR so I use Lightroom a bit to work. But I have a case in court which demands me to exhibit quite a number of photos ad to make them show the dates and times those photos were captured. Is there a way Lightroom can do this? Please help!
  6. N+13

    Capture Time Sort Failure

    I loaded very old photos and am trying to form a crude sequence by setting capture time for groups of them. When I alter capture time and select the sort to such, the photos do not order themselves by accordingly. I am confused. N+13
  7. N+13

    Changing Capture Time

    We are beginning the process of digitizing old photos and slides. A current creation date is attached to the file. In Lightroom we rely primarily on capture time to maintain the organization and flow through the photos folders and collections. There is no date to change after import to LR...