back ups

  1. C

    Back up of books in Lightroom Classic

    Hi there, I hope someone can help me with this one. I use LR Classic. Because I have 200.000+ pictures, I use a NAS storage to keep all my pictures. I have a couple of books that have costed me a lot of work and that I would like to back up in case something happens to my iMac. So I...
  2. D

    best way to use Lr Classic with catalog and images ALL in the cloud

    Hello All Any advice on the following would be hugely appreciated. I am considering changing my Lightroom set-up so that my pics are in the cloud, but before I go to the effort and expense it would be extremely helpful to get the guidance of people on here. Here's my current set up: I have a...
  3. I

    Backup Strategy: Auto File Copy on MacOS?

    In a time long long ago I began trialing LR and initially used it's backup scheme that for each import creates a new directory like 'Imported on May 12, 1804'. Sadly, I continued using this until recently. I think I would like to change to keeping an identical copy of the images and file...
  4. D

    How can I get Lr catalog to work with older versions of images

    Dear all, I've had a minor disaster. External hard drive crashed, on which I was storing my lightroom catalog and images. I had backed the images up in September, which is when I last imported images. So I've not lost images. But I have lost all the work I did by way of deletions and edits...
  5. Justin Jung

    Backing up two+ drives, and edit syncs across all.

    Hi everyone, So I've been doing a massive re-organization of my photography/time-lapse folders, and renaming 7 years of images. I just finished, and backed up these images from HD1, to HD2, as well as onto dropbox. So my question here is, I mostly do all my edits on HD1, and HD2 is never...