facial recognition

  1. M

    Stupid People Mode Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I was just importing and it was about finished and some pop up said something about "recognizing people" or something similar. Now in the Library Module I can't get rid of this $%^& Stupid Face Recognition!!!! I went to the Catalog settings and turned it off, I thought. but it is still...
  2. L

    Selecting the photo to go on top?

    I have just run the facial recognition over my entire catalogue. Is there a way to change which photo of someone is on the top of the stack associated with them? Thanks.
  3. lbeck

    Facial recognition doesn't transfer when "Export as Catalog"?

    I recently exported a large catalog to an external HDD. With help from this forum almost everything seems to be working well. One exception is the facial recognition that I had stored in the original catalog. It apparently didn't transfer to the exported catalog. Is this something that I...
  4. D

    Lightroom CC lost all facial recognition tags

    Running LR CC 2015.9. Over the last few months, I've been periodically using the facial recognition feature on my catalog of more than 60,000 images. I was happy a couple weeks ago when I finally got through my entire catalog. I had no "unnamed people" and felt way too organized, to be honest...
  5. reidthaler

    Facial recognition redo?

    If you've removed an image from facial recognition, or deleted the facial area, can you tell lightroom to search for faces again and bring that face back? I'm just wondering, if somebody changes their mind, can they rescan a folder that's already been scanned for facial recognition Thanks, Reid