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    Replace RAW or PSD files in Lightroom with JPEG copies

    Years ago, I made many simple photo adjustments using Photoshop. Now I want to replace most of the old PSD files with JPEG copies, because those old PSD files waste a lot of space and really have no useful information. However, I want to retain all the information associated with the original...
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    Jpeg vs tiff vs original RAW file

    I have been using Canon for about 10 or 13 years now and just switched to a Sony this June. I kind of wished I'd picked the Canon R whatever instead of the a73, but that isn't part of this post... Since I changed cameras, the file type changed and the files are more than twice the size. I just...
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    Import Unsupported bitdepth

    Operating System: windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): LR CC Classic I just started using a new laptop, downloaded the new LR CC Classic and PS CC. I created a new template for a Save the date card in Photoshop. Like I have forever and decided to bring it into LR...