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    Have I shot myself in the foot?

    Maybe, depending on how much is ported, but it also has more widespread appeal. I really don't expect a complete version of Photoshop on the iPad, just enough features and a much more Photoshop-like experience than previous apps like Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix.
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    iPad limitations vs desktop

    Lightroom Cloudy offers little more than Lightroom iOS.
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    Smart Gallery Query parameters

    Sure, but it's still weird. That Alt/Opt trick should never have been hidden, for example, and how "Starts with" functions would fool most people.
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    Smart Gallery Query parameters

    Have you not tried pressing the Alt/Opt key when you add a parameter? This would allow you to nest the job criteria. Yes, the smart collection is quirky and a bit confusing.
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    Workflow for a trip using LR CC mobile and Classic to stay within 20Gb limit

    It'll work. Start sync in Lightroom Classic, follow the instructions about removing photos from All Synced Photos and the 20gb will free up.
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    Search Replace Transfer Lightroom Plugin

    It should work and I haven't had reports of other problems in this area. I suggest checking that all the keyword metadata is present in the exactly-right form, and in general I enter IPTC location fields first and copy them to keywords.
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    Mobile to Classic Metadata Issue

    Not sure what the cause of this is. It could be genuine, such as doing something to the DNG in another application such as Bridge or Photoshop. But it may be a glitch of some sort. If you know you haven't done anything in another app, just Overwrite Settings.
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    How to import Fuji Raw files from an SD card

    I routinely import Fuji X-T2 compressed raw files into Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone 8 running iOS 12.3.1 using the SD adapter. What camera, what version of iOS?
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    Drag n drop LR to PS

    On Windows drag and drop has never worked from Lightroom. I've complained about it many times because although it's traditionally more of a Mac method of sending files to another app, it is pretty common with Windows applications.
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    Confused about LR CC and LR on ios

    Adobe would describe the various weaker mobile and LRCC as the Lightroom ecosystem and photos/edits in it are totally in common. The Lightroom world is bigger than one ecosystem, and that's where Classic comes in. It interacts with the ecosystem by syncing smart preview edits back and forth, and...
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    LR Classic & LR Mobile photo trip workflow

    In which case, a safe way to delete them from the cloud is to do it in Classic. If you see them in Classic, they've downloaded safely. Then, for example, go to All Synced Photos and remove them from there. Since this removes them from synced collections, first you might want to put them into the...
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    download of whole LR online gallery vs. adobe portfolio gallery

    Portfolio is more of a public-facing web site, not a vehicle for letting people download your pictures. The LR galleries serve that less-public purpose.
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    Map module & Location

    Try displaying the filmstrip before you exit Map. I think you'll see what I mean. It's not right, just how it is.
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    Map module & Location

    Isn't it because there's a quirk - when you return from Map, the filter is released.
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    Can mobile edits and raws be moved to desktop?

    Agreeing with Louie's point about the folder location. Also note that once files are downloaded into Lightroom "Classic", you can move them where you want. I'd also suggest that you unsync the photos in Lightroom "Classic", either by removing them from All Synced Photos in the Catalog panel, by...