A Yorkshireman by birth, happily transplanted to the San Francisco bay area 1996-2018. In mid-2018 I moved to North Carolina. I had a career in high-technology marketing and management before returning to photography as a professional, then back to it being a hobby.
I first held a camera (127, square format, twin lens reflex, I think!) on my father's knee. I got his love of photography and he passed on the fascination of seeing an image appear from nowhere in the darkroom. I Went digital in the very late '90s and have not looked back.
I have taught many people - most usually in 1 on 1 sessions - how to make a great image (rather than a snapshot), how to 'develop' their images to show the work at its best (I use Adobe Lightroom, with support from Photoshop, Photomatix, etc for some images). I also teach workflow and color management)
I have spent the last few years working to make ultra high resolution images through and remain active in the (remote) management. I was part of the team there made the world's first one trillion (terapixel) pixel macro image in 2016, the Terabite (DuckDuckGo it!).
Pittsboro, NC
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