5 StarsThis book is your "one and only"

I have used LR FAQ since issue 3; it has saved my bacon too frequently to count. Easy to find answers to questions; in searching in some other books, if I don't know the correct technical word for my problem, I can't find help. In Victoria's books, I find the information quickly since she uses common-sense phrasing, not super-geek gobbledegook. And she is spot-on with the solution. If I can't find an answer -- rare -- I zip her an email, get a reply immediately and an answer in 24 or 48 hours. If only the rest of the world worked this way. I have spoken with some folks at Lightroom Labs about Victoria and have heard only high praise: "She deserves her title" is the common response. I don't know how she manages her workload of worldwide communication, but I am happy I found her. If I could give her 10 stars, I would. This book is your "one and only."

The Boy from Brooklyn “Manuductor” 3 July 2013

5 StarsThis is the book you should get

I own 2 books on LR 5, the other by a very popular author and excellent teacher in his own right. That being said, if you can only purchase one book this is the book you should get. If you plan on getting multiple books, make this the first. I started with LR 3.6 and then upgraded to LR 5, I really wish I had gotten this book with LR 3. She takes what might otherwise be difficult concepts and make them very easy to understand. The writing is very fluid and easy to follow, and even fun to read. Start here and then develop your own style as you gain experience with LR. If you have been using LR for a while, I have no doubt this book will be a great value.

T. Anvik 27 November 2013

5 StarsI'm thrilled with how much I've learned from this book

We photographers are visual. Victoria's book is designed simply and without garish decorations and it makes it much easier to focus upon the screenshots and content. The book focuses on the things that I need to know, and doesn't waste time getting to the questions you'll have. In my experience, books on Lightroom fall into one of two categories: quick start books that get straight to the basics, and fully detailed books that cover EVERY part of Lightroom. Victoria managed to create a book that covers both. Chapter 2 is a quick start guide that you can use if you're new to Lightroom. The rest of the book is a complete course on how to use the app. Victoria has penned the book that I will use when I'm searching for the details that I need to deliver high quality images to my clients. Victoria, thanks for this book and the work that you do. As a fellow Lightroom instructor, I'm thrilled with how much I've learned from this book.

Andrew @ Lightroom Love 1 July 2013

5 StarsThis book hits EVERYTHING

I've watched so many online tutorials and webinars and I learned about everything I need from them...almost. Sometimes it seems that there is nothing like a good written guide, that explains everything (and this book hits EVERYTHING). Many of the points made in Ms. Bampton's book make you want to stop and try it right then and I do. The writing style is comfortable, the teaching accurate and this is simply a great LR 5 book. Highly recommended; the e-book, hard copy and the website. Try it all! You'll like it all!!

AOBob 3 September 2013

5 StarsThe go-to book for Lightroom

Whenever I have a question about Lightroom, this is the book I use. I have both the paperback for home use and an eBook version for traveling. After using the Lightroom 4 Missing FAQ book, it was great to see that the version 5 book came out close to when Lightroom 5 was released. The author is also very helpful on the site. It pays to register your purchase there and get full access to the knowledgebase and forums, and also information about book updates.

Jim Corbin 3 July 2013

5 StarsIf you buy just one book, buy this one

I've been using Lightroom for years and have purchased 5 different books. This is by far the best...and the one I use most often. It organized to find answers quickly...faster than any of the other books. The advice is good and the illustrations make it clear.

Les R. Diveley 3 August 2013

5 StarsThe Missing FAQ is the most complete reference you will ever need

I have used Lightroom since the first version was announced and just downloaded Lightroom 5. Automatically at the same time, I purchased Victoria Bampton's book for LR5. Why? Because I continue to find that these books are the best reference book to have when using Lightroom. The book is available in book form or as an ebook which I find very useful, particularly when traveling. My bookshelf also has a few other Lightroom reference books and I no longer use any of them. The Missing FAQ is the most complete reference you will ever need. And to make the purchase of this book even more valuable, Victoria encourages her readers to contact her if they encounter specific problems; her responses are usually received within 24 hours. Anyone who uses Lightroom will find this book an excellent resource.

georgehd 2 July 2013

5 StarsThe best book I've found so far on Lightroom

The author of this book writes in a manner that the average person can understand. I have several books on Lightroom 5 and they are written for people with a photographic/technical background. This one is easy to follow and offers a lot of personal help. I especially like the authors listing of her email address and quick response if you're having a problem understanding something.

G. Bryant 11 November 2013

5 StarsGreat for both beginners and Advanced Amateurs

Well, presented well paced for quick understanding. Great for use as a source of reference. This book is a must for Lightroom 5 users.

regott 9 August 2013

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