5 StarsSimply the Best

This book/ebook is simply the best resource for learning and using Lightroom 3.2 that I have seen and used to date. My library includes the Scott Kelby books and the Martin Evening books, and I find that I go again and again to the Lightroom Queen for answers rather than to either of the other standards. Not that the others don’t provide good info, it’s just that Victoria’s book is so user-friendly and so intuitively-organized that I can find useful information faster with her book. As I said, it’s simply the best!

T. Rhyne, 30 November 2010,

5 StarsOnly five stars because they don’t do six

This is the book I was looking for – for far too long. All the others are too linear in their approach, if you know what I mean – do this then this and then something else. This on the other hand is the informational equivalent of an all you can eat buffet simply dip in dip out as you want, take as much or as litle away each time but inevitably coming away wiser.I got this book Friday and read it end to end over the weekend. I could not and did not want to put it down – unlike some of the other LR3 books I have tried to read lately. This is not a book for my bookshelf – this now lives in between my monitors in pride of place. Oh and the downloadable accompanying PDF – that lives on the desktop of my laptop for use anywhere. Thanks Victoria your not the LR Queen your the LR Guardian Angel.

J. Hoskison, 31 October 2010,

5 StarsAnswers questions I didn’t know I had

I have a shelf full of guides for Adobe products including Lightroom. This is the first one that has truly shed some light into areas I didn’t fully understand or appreciate about Lightroom. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the Kelby materials and online info too, but Lightroom 3 – The Missing FAQ is an entirely different and informative approach. I thought I would only be using it as an occasional reference but have found I’ve been reading it cover to cover becuase there are simply so many things I wouldn’t have thought to ask, that once you know the answer, help you to have a much deeper understanding of Lightroom and how to use all of it’s features to the fullest. The author is very responsive to emails and sent the PDF copy of the book within hours of the request. The PDF with it’s search features makes it an awesome reference to have running in the background when you need it.

M. Sanderson, 20 October 2010,

5 StarsThe Single Most Useful LR3 Book

This is the most useful Lightroom 3 book by far…it’s the Lightroom book I always wanted. I don’t want a step-by-step, hold-my-hand guide to someone else’s workflow; I want my immediate question answered! I don’t need Mr Kelby’s jokes(however well-intentioned), they just take up time. Kelby and Evening may have interesting and useful ideas about how to use Lightroom, but I just want to know how it works. Buy Kelby or Evening AND this book, OR: If you can only buy one, this is the one.

KB, 10 May 2011,

5 StarsClear and Concise. A Great Resource

I have a couple of Lightroom books but this is the one I continually go back to time and again. I’ve yet to come across a question that wasn’t answered. Real clear and concise and organized in a way that makes locating the question easy.

Thomas Husband, 10 August 2010,

5 StarsAmazing!

I just purchased Lightroom 3 and was about to either throw the computer out the window or have a breakdown before I came across her book. I downloaded the PDF version and had all my questions answered and computer “fixed” within minutes! Her book is both easy to read and navigate. I read somewhere that her book should come with the program when purchased…. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

DTD, 21 March 2011,

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