Reviews of the Missing FAQ Series

5 StarsPhotoshop User Magazine Review

Being part of the NAPP Help Desk team, I’m very familiar with the types of questions frequently asked by Lightroom users, and I have to tell you that Victoria has solid answers for all of them. If you’ve ever had a question about some Lightroom quirk, error message, or just how to do something that isn’t as intuitive as it could be, I’d wager it’s explained in a straightforward manner inside this book. The real strength of this book though is the fact that it was originally developed as an eBook (PDF format) to facilitate quick-and-easy searches of its contents right from your workstation. You can purchase the eBook alone (which is cheaper) or purchase the printed version and get the eBook for free. Head over to […] for the best price and all the answers to your questions.

Photoshop User Magazine, April 2009

5 StarsBest Book on Lightroom 2

I own three other lightroom books and when I lost some data because of corrupted files, this was the only book I found the answers in. It was very simply to find the problems and how to fix them with how the book is set up. I think this is the best book on Lightroom 2. Thank you Victoria Bampton

Jacques Despres, 1 March 2010,

5 StarsDifferent from Other Lightroom Books

There are many books on Adobe Lightroom, many of which review each and every button and control of this terrific software program. These other books are very useful. Victoria Bampton has taken a different approach. She has assembled real life solutions to real life problems that users find when they attempt to utilize the full power of Adobe Lightroom. When I first received the book I was amazed at the Table of Contents (41 pages), I looked at one issue that I had found with Lightroom and I found a solution to my problem. This, even before I completed reading the book! I highly recommend this book.

Robert Rickert, 22 December 2008,

5 StarsReal answers to Real Questions

When I first heard there was an FAQ about Lightroom in the works, I had my doubts. I have seen too many books that claimed to be Frequently Asked Questions that were in fact a collection of tips reverse-engineered into a question format. As a Lightroom author myself I spend a share of my time in the Adobe Lightroom User-to-User forum answering questions all the while trying to get a feel for the kinds of questions people have about Lightroom so I can ensure the topic is covered in my book. I always thought it would be great if someone would distill all of the questions that are posted along with the correct answers and organize them into a book. This is exactly what the author has done. She has managed to collect and organize them into a single document. These real questions that are actually asked frequently (what a concept) are organized in such a way as to be easy to find. I cannot recommend this work highly enough. I just finished a 300+ page book on Lightroom 2 and I still find myself going though my copy of her book to refresh my memory on how something is supposed to work.

Dave Huss, 19 September 2008,