Where is the "Adjustment brush"?


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Sep 9, 2021
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If you didn't see it, I warned you. :rolleyes: this is probably going to be the first of a flood of annoying, "eye roll worthy", annoyingly simplistic posts from a guy returning to and relearning Lightroom.

I'm using a Martin Evening book and watching some YT videos to relearn LR. They all show going to the panel and clicking on the Adjustment brush. But in Martin's book and Terry White's video (at about 47 minutes) it shows, it seems, clicking on the "Red Eye correction" tool. (Terry White is with Adobe.) When they do that they get adjustments consistent with the adjustment brush. If I do it I get a message "Unable to Find Red Eye". Obviously I'm doing something wrong.

I do get the adjustment brush by using the hotkey "K". But then I can't click on a "New" button to use a new brush.

Suggestions appreciated.
Jun 20, 2009
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I would suggest that you download Victorias free Lightroom Classic - Quick Start eBook | The Lightroom Queen

Much of what you find on the internet may be out of date or refer to obsolete versions. Rather than try to determine what is in the Martin Evening book and what you find on YouTube, stick with the downloads that Victoria keeps up to date.

You will get accurate up to date information and we can all support the common reference.

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