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When I import from old LrC catalogs, my previous flags to show "picked' images don't come into LrC current version


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Jul 14, 2011
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  1. Windows 10
I'm consolidating 20 years of old photos and multiple catalogs into one big master catalog.
I always used the picks/selection flagging.
I'm importing from various HDDs from backups, which I saved with the old lrcats and preview and helper data files.

But when I import into LrC (after LrC converts old lrcat files into -v10.lrcats( the images come through fine , the images and previews come in but the flagged/picks do not. So when I try to filter by flagged, the response is "no photos matfch the filter". This is very problematical, because it means I need to re-flag thousands of images (I had made lo-res exports of the selected images in HD resolution with sequence numbers, so I know what I had flagged). The original files are all recognised (that is, there are no "missing directory?" shading messages). This seems to be happening even with imports from catalogs from as recent as 2018

Can anyone help me avoid hundreds of hours of work? Is there some magic trick to re-identify the flags in the ingestion prcoess?

Alternatively is there a routine to somehow identify the original file names from my lo-res sets and somehow apply them to re-flag the original images, woithout a manual one by one fre-flagging?
Nov 5, 2017
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Are you letting LrC convert to v10 as part of the import from another catalog?

I'd suggest open the old catalog first (and let LrC convert it), see if the flags are there. If they are, then import to the target.

I've just tested importing a current catalog (as in v10) with picks into another catalog and it works fine, so perhaps check the stages.