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What’s New in Lightroom CC February 2018 release?

Discussion in 'The Lightroom Queen Blog Posts (READ-ONLY)' started by Victoria Bampton, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. Victoria Bampton

    Victoria Bampton Lightroom Queen Staff Member Administrator Moderator Lightroom Guru

    Sep 29, 2007
    Southampton, UK
    Lightroom Experience:
    Power User
    Primary OS:
    Mac 10.13.x High Sierra
    Lightroom Version:
    CC Cloud
    Here's the latest blog post from The Lightroom Queen blog...

    What’s New in Lightroom CC February 2018 release?

    The Lightroom CC ecosystem has been updated today, with updates for the Windows (1.2), Mac (1.2), iOS (3.1.1) and Android (3.3) apps. (Lightroom Classic CC has also been updated.)

    Of course there’s new camera/lens support, as well as bug fixes. The Android version has gained lots of new features this time. The new features in this release are:

    Add Copyright During Import (Windows/Mac)

    You can now automatically add your copyright to photos as they’re imported by checking Preferences > General > Add copyright to imported images. It’s smart enough not to overwrite any existing copyright metadata, and it won’t update any existing photos.


    Perspective Correction (Android)

    You can now fix geometric distortion using the same tools as the desktop, including the automatic and guided upright modes. You’ll find the controls in the Geometry tab in Edit view.


    Watermarking (Android – already available on iOS)

    You can now add a simple text based watermark when sharing photos from the Android apps. To set the preferences, tap the menu icon in the top left corner of Organize view, and go to Preferences > Sharing Options. Toggle the Share with watermark switch and tap Customize to set the watermark properties. Here you can select the location, opacity, font and size.


    Import using Files (Android)

    You can now access Android’s file manager to add photos from various sources, including other apps, a DSLR camera connected in PTP mode, or your device’s folder storage. To access the files, tap the … icon to the right of the album name in Organize view, or the blue Add Photos button in the bottom right corner of Grid view, and then select Files. (Requires Android Kitkat or later.)


    Add to Lightroom from Other Apps (Android)

    If you’re working in another photo app, tap Share and select Add to Lr to send the photos directly to Lightroom’s All Photos album, without having to stop and switch to Lightroom to manually add the photos.

    Search using Google Assistant (Android)

    Using Google Assistant search, you can search for photos using terms such as “search mountains in Lightroom” and it’ll open Lightroom and automatically search for photos that meet your criteria. (Requires Android Marshmallow or later and an active internet connection.)


    New Camera Support (All Versions)

    When a new camera is released, standardized formats such as JPEG, TIFF and DNG are supported immediately. Proprietary raw file formats are not standardized, so they must be individually added in a Lightroom release. Most cameras are supported within 2-3 months of their release. Raw file format support has been added in this release for:

    New Lens Profiles (All Versions)

    Many compact and mirrorless cameras have built-in lens profiles, but other cameras use lens profiles to correct for lens defects such as barrel/pincushion distortion and vignetting. New profiles are added with each Lightroom release. Click here for the full list of available Adobe Lens Profiles.

    Bug fixes

    There are loads of bug fixes on all versions. Adobe only usually publishes the bugs reported by users, which this time include:

    Import/Migration (Windows/Mac)

    Organize (Windows/Mac)

    Edit (Windows/Mac)

    Export (Windows/Mac)

    • ‘Send to Facebook‘ now uploads a larger photo, whereas it was limited to 960px.

    If you find another bug, click here to report it.

    How do I update?

    To update, go to Help menu > Updates or click the Update button in the CC app. The update servers take a while to push the updates around the world, to avoid crashing the servers. You can also open the Creative Cloud app, click the … icon (top right) and select Check for Updates to give it a nudge.

    The post What’s New in Lightroom CC February 2018 release? appeared first on The Lightroom Queen.

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