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What I see and what I get are NOT the same


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Apr 3, 2018
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I use an Olympus OMD-EM1 micro four thirds camera to shoot my photos and I bought an Epson P800 for printing. I've read so many articles on aspect ratio and cropping that my eyes are crossed at this point. :) My issue is that when I crop my picture to say 5x7 and have it visually accurate on screen when it comes out of the printer it is NOT what was on the screen. Invariably my copyright is cut off along with part of the shot. Same thing happens with 4x6 etc. I don't know what I am doing wrong or not doing and would love help. Thanks in advance.....#I'manewbie


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Dec 7, 2007
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Welcome to the forum! While I send my work out to be printed, can I suggest a few things to try and isolate the problem (which I believe may lie in the printer setup). Have you exported and looked at the photo (and file details) outside of LR? If so, do the dimensions reflect a ratio of 5:7 (or 4:6)? And, have you tried to print the file(s) both inside and outside of LR? Do you get the same results? If so, then you probably need to dig into your printers settings. Have you had a look at them? It has been awhile since I used an Epson printer, but I remember their settings to be quite deep, and sometimes confusing. Give the above suggestions a quick spin and report back your results. I suspect that there are some Epson P800 owners who may be able to give printer-specific advice if the above files do not indicate that LR is the culprit.

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Jun 25, 2009
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I have a P800 printer, but first check in LR that you have the correct paper size and that the zoom to fill is off, the margins are correct and you have positioned the watermark correctly. With Epson you need 360 ppi minimum and then select Printer button, this enables the Epson driver widow, just make sure this is the same as selected in LR.