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What hot-key to open focus point plug-in?

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Aug 29, 2020
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Operating System
  1. Windows 10
I just installed focus-point plug-in.
What hot-key to open focus point plug-in?
Plugins do not have a hot key, unless your OS allows you to assign one yourself.
Thank you.

Thank you. I wish in the near future Lr has an option to show focus point without plug-in.
This is not likely. Each camera manufacturer implements focus point tracking differently and in a different area of the Manufacturer Note field of the EXIF standard , If Adobe were to implement this feature it would have to cover every make and model of camera. It is for reasons like these that Adobe has opened Lightroom Classic to 3rd party Plugin developers. A Third party developer can implement a special plug-in of just one or a few Camera makes and models.

You can submit a feature request to Adobe here: Bug Report / Feature Request. But even if Adobe did act upon this request, It is unlikely yay a shortcut key would be included as most of the shortcut keys are in use. Also Lightroom Classic is a mature app with little development feature focus since Lightroom (cloudy) was introduced.
What hot-key to open focus point plug-in?
I'm using AutoHotkey to customize LrC so that I can access often used commands at the touch of a button.
This makes editing and the entire workflow even more convenient and efficient.

Here is an excerpt of my AutoHotkey definition file that illustrates a few settings. Whenever I wish to view the focus point I press Numpad-*

#IfWinActive .*Lightroom Classic - Develop
^d:: Send, !pe{Down 6}{Enter} ; Ctrl-D: Topaz Denoise AI
^f:: Send, !p{Down 12}{Enter}h ; Ctrl-F: Helicon Focus
^g:: Send, {RButton}{Up 11}{Right}g ; Ctrl-G: Stack images
^+g:: Send, {RButton}{Up 11}{Right}u ; Ctrl-Shift-G: Unstack images
^p:: Send, {RButton}{Up 4}{Right}p ; Photomatix
^s:: Send, !pe{Down 7}{Enter} ; Ctrl-S: Topaz Sharpen AI
^<:: Sendinput, !ph ; Ctrl-|: Flip Horizontal
^-:: Sendinput, !pv ; Ctrl--: Flip Verticaln
NumpadAdd:: Send, {+} ; Numpad-+: Slider increment
NumpadMult:: Send, ^!1!lu{Down 7}{Enter} ; Numpad-*: Show focus point
NumpadDiv:: Send, ^!1!lu{Down 8}{Enter} ; Numpad-/: EXIF Metadata display
On Mac, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to a plugin menu command via System Preferences:
Note that you'll need to enter the menu command name preceded by three spaces, e.g. " Show Focus Points" (<space><space><space>Show Focus Points).
Right, I should have added, "For reference by future readers", for people who arrive here by google.
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