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What has happened to Lightroom? Can't import from Drobo


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Jul 1, 2022
Lightroom Version
classic 11.3.1
Operating System
  1. macOS 12 Monterey
I am really frustrated that lightroom has changed to make it really hard to use with my Drobo.

When I try to import from it, under scource on the left side Drobo comes up like it used to, (below Macintosh SSD), but when I click on the triangle, it no longer shows the folders inside the drobo. I cannot find how to navigate to the folders and import.

Also when I import from cards, on the right side - destination for the import, the same thing happens so I can't easily just navigate to the folder I have set up for the images to go into. Under destination, there is Drobo and no subfolders. I can get around this by going into TO , in the top right corner, and then Drobo, Other Destination and then navigate in the finder, but this takes about 10 more clicks.

I just don't understand this... why on earth would they change it to have less functionality?

Any good ideas would be very welcome as I have a load of work to do and can't think how to get pictures into lightroom without transferring to a separate drive and then changing location in LR, once the drive is unplugged...

Thanks in advance!

Nov 5, 2017
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Jul 5, 2019
Monte Sereno, CA
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Hi Nick
You didn't mention which Drobo model you use. You didn't mention if the Drobo showed on the Drobo dashboard. The NAS version often disconnects from the network. In the dashboard if you set up shares on the Drobo you have give permissions for each user ( Admin, User, Guest or however you signed on to Drobo) For the DAS Drobo they can become disconnected and rebooting often fixes the problem.

For a workflow that seem to work quicker than your method - I import to my internal SSD using the date style files. After edits I then move the days over to the Drobo.

BTW - My main Drobo with 24 TB of images just crashed - all the drives are OK by the system is in read only mode - so Ihave move everything off this Drobo to another device - It is taken about a month. In the meantime Drobo, as usual is hard to reach for support and finally then sent a note that they in Chap 11 bankruptcy. So I bought a NAS from OWC for the future.

Hope some this is helpful