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Want to find a replacement to Zenfolio

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Oct 22, 2007
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Classic 10.1.1
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  1. Windows 10
I'm looking to replace my website currently managed with Zenfolio. I'm cutting the content down as I don't do (or do very few) weddings and want to focus on a portfolio site with E-commerce abilities.
What are your suggestions for sites that can work with Lightroom Classic?
Many thanks
It is perhaps worth saying why you want to move.

An obvious choice is Smugmug, as they are probably the most direct competitor. I've been a relatively happy user for a long time, though they often do silly stuff chasing millennials and their cell phones as opposed to regular photographers. But I have a LOT of stuff there, and maintain it 99% through Lightroom and the publishing plugin. The pro versions can be linked to multiple labs, and they have a fair amount of ecommerce options, though I have not explored them very well.

But what you want to change (as opposed to just change for change sake) might help people answer. What problem are you trying to solve?
I'm on ZenFolio too... I get a similar thought process. I want to do more blog integrated (but have not had time!!) and maybe something more creative, you might look at this thread: Next generation Image display (gallery / blog / other)

But as others said the most important thing to do is figure out your main Use Case -- eCommerce at what scale? What kiind of integration do you need with LR and how important is that? What is more important convenience or ultimate control of the look and design of your site? How much and what channels of social media do you want to connect to?

If you give a few more hints here you will get a lot of responses I am sure!
You might want to consider the following combination:

Adobe Portfolio for displaying your photographs.
A Blog link on your Adobe Portfolio site that points to an external link to an Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly known as Adobe Spark) that you use to create your Blog content.

I have used such an external link in an Adobe Portfolio developed site to point to my Blog content that is part of my original web site that is hosted elsewhere. Thus I assume that the above proposed approach would work and therefore you could have a web site that would display your photos, host your blog and both would natively integrate with the Lightroom ecosystem all for the low, low price of zero dollars.

Note: The above would not accommodate selling photos
Thanks for all your comments and sorry for the delay. As my renewal with Zenfolio is coming up soon I have decided to stay with them another year. I must say they were very helpful when I contacted them and have given me a decent discount. I have often fund them responsive to tech help so again that was another factor. I will however keep this on the back burner. Especially interested to see if there are some Wordpress linkups to take advantage of.
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