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View option on desktop

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Nov 20, 2022
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  1. Windows 10
Hey guys
This is driving me nuts lol
I was using lr on my iPad and decided to go to desk top today. When I’m on my iPad , I have a option top right corner to layer my camera setting for a given photo onto the thumb mail in my library.
I downloaded the desktop version today and that option is not there. It gives me the camera settings and meta data when I select a photo but In library nothing.
I went back to my iPad and all the info is there but not on desk top. Not even a view option.
I also noticed when I upload to iPad from sd card it is a raw file and when I do the same on desk top it’s a cr3 file. Could this be the reason?


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I am not aware of such an option and had forgotten about it. Very likely the driver for displaying the info on mobile is the lack of screen space. While on the desktop, you have the ability to display the info panel to the right. (press "i" to display it).

Put this in as an idea to Adobe. The feedback link is above on the menu.
Make sure to post a link to your idea suggestion here, and I will up vote it.

I also noticed when I upload to iPad from sd card it is a raw file and when I do the same on desk top it’s a cr3 file. Could this be the reason?
No. A CR3 file IS a Raw file, it's just that the separate development teams for mobile and desktop used a slightly different way of displaying the file-type. There are a few such inconsistencies across the ecosystem apps (such as the lack of an Info Overlay when in grid or detail view in the desktop app), hopefully these will be ironed out over time.
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