Victoria just helped me with me color-blindness challenges - Using L*a*b* values.


Sep 26, 2015
San Antonio, Texas
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I have been struggling mightily with the challenges of being genetically red-green color deficient (aka Red/Green colorblind!) and getting skin tones corect - or even close.

This condition makes skin tone color correction extremely challenging because if one does not know if she/he is correctly seeing the colors in the unedited image. On my BEST days - my subjects looks like some hue of Mr. Data on Star Trek Next Generation That is why for me using a ColorChecker Passport and ColorMunki monitor calibration is mandatory. But there are times I just can't whip out the Passport.

There is all kinds of online help and formulae that I can use when I want to "paint by the numbers" in Photoshop - but it requires the CMYK data. There is nothing equivalent for Lightroom.

Using my Premium membership, I pinged Victoria who immediately helped me and pointed me to Page 206 of "The Book." If you want to know the science behind this feel free (I as I did) to slog through: Especially pages 12 and 13.

The bottom line is that I can now adjust in Lightroom and not have to open edit in Photoshop.

Thanks Victoria. That one answer alone made the Premium membership a bargain.

San Antonio, TX