Very large Collections / ~sets slow down Lightroom Classic?

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Nov 28, 2010
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My main Lr machine is still a 2013 MacBook Pro 15" Retina w/ 16GB RAM. My "private" catalog holds 150,000 images and tends to be quite slow, whereas a fresh catalog is still reasonably responsive. I always thought that my 150,000 images catalog was slow because there are so many images.

Then, while discussing config options on a Mac users forum, a contributor comes up with an interesting observation about collections. He says when his collection goes over say 15,000 images, and he has several of those in a collection set, at some point Lr will slow down. Then when he moves some of his collections to a different Collection Set, he's back up to speed. His guess is Adobe reserves a predefined block of memory for a collection set and then when that memory is full, trouble starts.

My question here is have you ever heard of this?

As soon as I get back home I will try to experiment with this myself. I have a bunch of smart collections, all in one collection set, containing my workflow, i.e. which images don't have flags, don't have ratings, no keywords and so on. For statistics I also have smart collections counting finished images, unfinished images etc. These smart collections may contain 50,000 or more images each, and they're all in the same collection set.


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