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Using sampled color from one photo on new photo?

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Jan 14, 2011
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  1. macOS 13 Ventura
I developed a nice green color to change tree color on a series of related photos. How and where do I save that new color to paint on other photos
I dont think LrC has the capability to save a color with which to paint as it actually doesn't have a paint tool. It does have a brush tool where you brush an effect and that effect could contain a color (if the exposure adjustment on the mask is not 0), or a WB or Tint among other things. But this is more of a wash over the original image than a a solid paint color.

It may help me to understand how you "developed" this color in the first place (what panel and slider settings did you use? The reason I ask is that the desired color may be a combination of the original color in the caputred image tweaked by your changes and in that case saving the tweaks in a preset would result in a different result on images where the as shot color was different than your reference image.

BTW - I believe Photoshop has a color picker for painting colors
Can you not use a mask and the Color setting? Would it do the job?

The Color Picker would allow you to sample a colour - you hold down Cmd (mac) or Ctrl (win) as you drag it onto the image and sample a colour.

It should be possible, but it's not so easy. The problem with adding color in Lightroom is as Dan says, that it's a color overlay that adds the color to the existing color, not a solid color that will replace the existing color. You can solve this by first completely desaturating the existing color, so mask the tree leaves, set the Saturation slider to -100 even if that sounds illogical and then add the color as shown by John .
Adding on to Johan's last comment, You could then make a preset containing the brush mask with the settings as described above. It doesn't matter what brush strokes the mask contains.

To use apply the preset to an image, then using the mask from the preset brush new areas, remove the brush strokes from what was originally in the mask and/or intersect the mask with other selections such as color range or background or whatever.
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