Using fotos for ebooks - problems


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Jul 1, 2019
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Hey, Iam a beginner, so I need some tipps.

I write an ebook about fitness and did some fotos with a friend who has good camera. We used a softbox light and a reflector I bought. The fotos look good on pc

However, when I convert them into ebook format and look at them on my kindle, the pictures are pixelated and not that clear. I assume, the converter has problems because of the light and shadow changes on my pictures due to the softbox. Is there a way to edit the photos so they are in higher quality in the ebook format?
Sep 29, 2007
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Hi fuersherdog, welcome to the forum!

You can increase the contrast to make them look better on Kindle, but if you go too far, they'll look bad in the Kindle desktop/tablet/phone apps.

It's also possible that the photos were too low resolution (too small) when they were added to the eBook. How were you creating the eBook file?