Using AI to automatically keyword or tag photos

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Oct 18, 2014
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Although I have a perpetual LR license, my question is not specific to that. I'm looking for technology to help me accomplish my goals. Stick with me for a minute.

I don't do a ton of editing. I use LR more as a way to catalog, organize and tag my photos. It takes a ton of time, but when I want to find a picture of my daughter in a school play dressed as a tree, I can do that quickly. Or I should say I can do that quickly if I put in the time up front and properly added the photo to Collections, tagged, and keyworded the photo I'm looking for.

I've got 4T of photos and videos. I've spent a couple of years doing this in LR. And now I'm tired.... So tired that I'm not taking too many photos any more.

And I got to thinking... Google Search can show me a photo of a tree, or my daughter. Facebook's face recognition has come a long way and is right much more than it is wrong. And Google Photos is free, and tags people and places with some success, but not things.

So- does anyone know of something I could use (LR, or otherwise), which would speed up my work by doing some of it automatically? Face recognition, tagging of things (mountain, skateboard, etc), and using the geotag data to hep me search that way? I'd still be happy to spend the time culling bad photos, or editing those that I really love. I just want technology to help me with the mundane, and time consuming tasks.

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