Use of icc profile for LaserJet 2550 in Lightroom?

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May 19, 2011
I have a Vista 64-bit Home Edition, Lightroom 2.1, and an i7 Extreme kit for colour calibration of monitor and printers. I usually use an Epson R800 printer for photos; but I also have a LaserJet 2550 colour printer which, under a Windows XP system, I have successfully calibrated (for the short term!) and obtained very satisfactory photo results. I am aware that the 2550 is not an ideal photo printer, and does drift alarmingly, but it all worked before ...

I have calibrated my monitor using the i7; and have also calibrated the LaserJet 2550, producing a file "hp color LaserJet 2550 PS_19-05-2011_2.icc" in C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color --- the directory containing colour profiles. My problem is that within Lightroom => Print => Color Management => Profile => Other, I am offered a list of profiles such as "C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\colorSPR800 Photo Quality IJP.icm".

Note all the above are .icm files --- I am not offered access to my LaserJet .icc profile. Checking the "Include Display Profiles" gives access to a selection of .icc files, but only those associated with monitors.

I seem to recall some past difficulty with the LaserJet 2550 as it is basically a CMYK device, while LR essentially supports RGB. I got over this issue somehow in the past, although I have forgotton the details.

The LaserJet is currently using a PS driver. Should I be using PCL5, PCL6, or something?

I would be grateful for any suggestions, as it all worked well before ...
OK, folks --- I found the solution. Described below, in case it is useful to anyone.

The LaserJet 2550 is physically a CMYK printer, with four toners of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. If you use the 2550 PostScript (PS) driver, and use the i7 i1Match software to print a colour calibration target for measurement, the target selected is for CMYK; and the .icc profile eventually produced by i1Match is a CMYK profile, as may be confirmed using ICC Profile Inspector software (free from

However, if you install the PCL6 driver for the 2550, this acts as an RGB driver --- which Lightroom can handle. Thus, use i1Match to print the (RGB) target via the PCL6 driver to the 2550; measure using i1Match; and the .icc profile produced is of type RGB. Select this .icc profile when printing, and the colour of the results is really quite acceptable.

Of course, laser printers do drift; but if you calibrate shortly before a printing session, results are OK.
Unfortunately you're on a PC, otherwise, you could just print to Preview from Lightroom and print with your CMYK icc profile from Preview. I do so with my Xerox 7500 and am getting excellent results. Profiles made with a ColorMunki Photo from X-Rite.
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