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Uninstall and Reinstalling Checklist

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Jun 23, 2019
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  1. Windows 10
Hi everyone,

I am contemplating a reinstall of sorts with OS (Win 10) or just LR. One of the issues I have is that I think I may have left an update of LR too long (more than a year) and once I updated LR to current version I noticed a few of my toolkit presets that I own (a VSCO toolkit to be precise), some are acting a little different to how they used to. In conjunction to the toolkit issue I am also thinking about moving all the LR catalogs to being off C: and onto another drive.

Now... having said all this it might not be required to do a fresh reinstall, I might be able to just back up my current LR catalogs to another drive and tell LR from now on where to go for the catalogs and where to save, and also for the toolkits just uninstall them and reinstall them (however I'm not even fully sure how to uninstall the toolkits... will have to look into that..).

I've been working with computers since I was 15, I know how this story can go and problems arise and the easiest thing is sometimes just to start over, hence the idea of possibly reinstalling everything.

I've seen and read the fantastic backup advice here in this thread (Which Lightroom files do I need to back up? | The Lightroom Queen), making sure to backup things like your own presets that you have made etc, good advice. I just wondered if there was anything else to reconsider before going ahead? Will the reinstall of LR be weird if I tell it/point it to where the catalogs are now residing instead of C: like before? Will LR be ok with adding the presets back in? Should I be doing a more thorough cleanup of LR after the uninstall, manually deleting folders etc? I wondered if there was a checklist of things to do with a good solid wipe and and reinstall?

Thanks again, I don't often get around to replying to all the advice given here but I have always found your answers very informative and helpful.


Hi Eddy! The backup list should give you all the backups you need, but if you're doing a complete reinstall, I'd grab the free Moving to a New Computer eBook in the Downloads page and run through that. Although it's the same computer, the principles are the same and cover the little details like photos ending up in new locations.
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