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unfortunately the catalog "wedding2019" cannot be repaired!! Please say it ain't so!

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Oct 22, 2019
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Lightroom Classic version: 8.4.1 [ 201909111355-eb9b68f0 ]
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Having a bunch of weird troubles now I've updated to Mac OS catalina, but not 100% sure this is related. I can open the catalog again if I move it from my dropbox to my desktop, I can still click and look through files on my Drobo (external hard drive) but once I click on one located on my MacBook it comes up with an error message saying "Lightroom encountered a catalog error file blah blah blah needs to restart" then we go through all the repair catalog crap that doesn't work. Any tricks out there / software? Thanks a tonne!
Zip it up (just the lrcat file) and use Dropbox, www.wetransfer.com or similar to send it to me at [email protected] and I'll pass it on to a contact at Adobe to see if he can fix it.
A number of third party LR vendors and Photo blogs are recommending not to update to Catalina until Adobe has resolves some issues with Apple.
Normally I am an early adopter of any major MacOS update, but I am holding off until Adobe comes across with and update or two and Apple releases at least a 10.15.1. Just yesterday, Apple came out with 10.15.0 build 19A603. But Adobe has yet to come forth with a post Catalina update.

Since your catalog was working with Mojave, I'd suggest a rollback to 10.14.6 until the dust settles.

I hope you have lots of catalog backups handy.
Got it. I'm not convinced it's specifically Catalina related as it fails here on Mojave too. I've sent it to my contact at Adobe to see if it's recoverable. I would initially suspect a hardware error - where's it usually stored?
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