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Trouble merging catalogs

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Apr 4, 2019
Lightroom Version
LR Classic 10.4 Release
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
I have LR Classic 10.4 Release on a PC running Windows 10 Pro 21H1 OS build 19043.1237.
I run LR on two computers a laptop for travel photos and a desktop for the main catalog.
Following copying all my travel photos for 2020 into my main desktop, I exported the catalog for that year (without the photos or previews). Then I imported that lrcat into my desktop. The importation caused the generation of a new set of folders on C:\Users\ Chris Harvie\Pictures\2020 where as I had imported my photos into my HD E:\2020 so now I have two folders for 2020 one in E:\ drive the other on C:\.
The C:\....\2020\ 2020-01-01 has a ? mark in front e.g. ?2020-01-01 (updated catalog without photos), my e:\2020\2020-01-01 doesn't (original catalog with photos). I

tried to find the missing photos on E:\ and LR ask me if I want to combine the subfolders. I say merge:

thereafter, I get this message box:


The travel catalog isn't merging with my desktop.
What can I do to solve this issue? I have over 100- subfolders to combine. I would like to be able to access on my desktop, my latest edits from my Travel catalog on my laptop.
Should I:
1. remove my 2020 photos on my E:\, install on my C:\users\...pictures\2020\ OR
2. export photos and lrcat from my travel laptop and import into desktop, then move into the folder I want them to be in i.e. e:\. Part of the problem is that LR upon importing a lrcat doesn't give you an option to decides where the files should go! OR
3. something else that is suggested
Thanks for any help
Vancouver, BC
Nov 5, 2017
Lightroom Experience
Power User
Lightroom Version
What does Show in Library reveal? Lightroom is telling you it did the merge, just couldn't merge ones where the physical files already existed. So assuming they are the same files (not a duplicated filename) it sounds you just delete the duplicated ones that cant import.
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