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Just about complete and content with my upgrade from Lightroom 6.14 to Lightroom Classic and have a thread about that. This is now for the transition from PS CS6 to PS CC.

First, appears NOTHING came across in settings, presets, plugins. I only have two important plugins, so easy to copy those over and they work. But any easy way to get the important stuff I want form CS6 into CC? I did bring over my customized workspace as well, and hope that there have not been significant workspace changes to trip that up. Thoughts on either?

Next, I get a GPU not compatible with PS message on boot. Says not Direct 12, but it is!! SO Googling has got me to the point of DirectX version number and DirectX feature level are two different things. Have not learned enough about that yet. Currently reading:

I suspect I shall have more questions.

An Adobe Forum post says the following whoch makes some sense. Shame dso hard to find good answers on some of these things.

"Good News. I spoke at length with Tech Support today. The error message (level 12 features needed) is misleading. They explained that it does not affect the Graphic Processor in its entirety. It only effects certain uses of PS such as Oil Paint, Perspective Warp and sme others. For most users doing photography (I am one) it will not affect other applications that do not require Level 12. Open GL, Open CL, and those noted with a GREEN check will continue to function."
Well, this will be a short thread :)

Not as seamless updating from CS6 requiring comparing versions, exporting or saving things like brushes, workspaces, then importing and comparing...but all done. Any questions had answered usually on Adobe sites and found by Googling.

I'll need to find a good tutorial to see what has changed in 7 years :)
If you are already familiar with the basics of editing in Photoshop (ie layers, brushes, selections, masks, curves, etc) then my experience is that I have got maximum benefit from the new A.I. based selection tools. Potential massive time changer. While these tools are basically available in Lr and well implemented there, using these tools in Photoshop releases the full power enabled via layers and the full Photoshop tool kit.

The number of images I ‘Edit In Photoshop’ from Lightroom has plunged. However, all images I print myself or send to a high quality printing service, first get resized to the final exact print size in photoshop, selective and creative sharpening applied and a number of other techniques used to maximise the quality of the print.

If you have not used Ps for a long time, several years ago Adobe released a substantially silent upgrade that improved a substantial number of minor gripes and refinements. I cannot remember how long ago or the details I found more beneficial. Some of these enhancements might trip you up as they changed the emphasis in certain tasks, such as transform, use of default keys and short cuts. Many of these minor changes aligned standard object editing conventions with the likes of AutoCAD .

Many people are enjoying the AI denooise features, but these are available in Lr. These are hardware intensive tasks and time consuming for older generation cpus and gpus.

My use of PS is getting less and less.

My main complaint (in terms of my workflow) is that the Photoshop mail merge features belong in the Stone Age. Serif Publisher has the current best Mail Merge features, but I use MatLab plus their Report Generator module to create sophisticated templates (eg align metadata with the bottom left, right or centre of an image with full desk top formatting options of metadata text). Most people do not have these needs, but it is my one major complaint with the current version of Photoshop.
I use CS6 at home and the latestCC at work:
The first big feature introduced was being able to use Camera Raw as a Smart Filter on a Smart Object, having dehaze in the photoshop mix is a biggy for me.
Making selections became better but more complicated, but the last couple of version's ai selection tools are getting really easy and really good.
There was a quite good Reduce Camera Shake filter but that got deprecated after CC2021.
At first I reckon the Panorama stitching got worse straight after CS6 but by CC2016ish its just as good if not better. TBH I do most Panoramas in Lightroom, I like the preview.
Up until a couple of years ago, really very little in the way of killer features... but some of the recent versions have introduced game changing features. Starting with Neural Filters particularly Superzoom and JPEG clean up, Sky Replacement, then the Remove Tool (astonishing results compared to Content Aware) and finally with the current Photoshop Beta you have Generative Fill, prepare for your jaw to drop.
If you've got an HEIC file you'll be able to open it which is a plus, and you might miss Save for Web...
Photoshop CS6 was pretty well featured.
The new features are much more evident in LR.
OK. Had my first occasion to use PS 2024 and had me unproductive and confused. Some things worked so differently than CS6 and in some odd way might be me. For example, I found my image moving by itself in its container, even out of the frame. I had difficulty formatting text as I used to. I could paste an image on a new layer and size, then never get back to be able to resize that image. I found activating a layer some time required moving to the top of the layers stack. And I hat the small "tool bar" that appears in the body of n image and comes back even if dragged off.

So I do not need a Photoshop from Scratch, but need to become more proficient in the changes since LR 6. Pointers on where or what to read, watch? What really hindered this project, by the way, is once I saved with text had issues opening in CS6 when I tried to get back to familiar ground. So I need to do some homework, but not sure where to start.
Images / Framing / OffScreen…. The Crop tool can be your friend. We normally think of the Crop tool for zooming in to a section of interest, but you can also Zoom out so that the page frame or the image frame (if bigger than the page) is visible…. allowing appropriate elements to be resized as required easily and intuitively. This often happens if an image is pasted onto a document, which is bigger than the document original document.

Lots of Small Differences.
Some years back Adobe implemented a large number of subtle changes in a soft release, with little fanfare. A lot of these changes related to default behaviour when dealing with editing objects. The reality was that Photoshop standard use of short cut keys in these areas were out of synch with short cut keys which had become the norm across a whole range of image editing tools (eg CAD) and this release brought Photoshop closer to more widespread conventions. If you use these items regularly (eg resizing objects) then you will quickly absorb and get used to the changes. I personally was delighted to see such refinements implemented.

Handling Text.
I do not know what it is about Photoshop Text handling, but I seem to have to relearn how to use it every single time and tasks which should be intuitive are nothing short of total frustration. I rarely use Photoshop for handling text, have abandoned InDesign because of its outdated legacy interface and now use Affinity Publisher where I need to combine images and text. My favourite rant is that Lr does not provide us with good options for us to place our metadata on the Printed page (ie within the Print Module) and the Photoshop Mail Merge feature needs a major upgrade and too labour intensive / counter productive to use.
Well, Googled last night and actually found intersting comparisions between CS6 and 2021 (might be close enough for now). So a bunch to read today. Just never expected to be stymied on my first project and lost for what was going amuck. I can;t even tell you what triggered the images scrolling by themselves. That and whatever changed in image sizing are the first two to tame.

I'm really glad I still have CS6!
Compare your preferences.
I think you'll find you've forgotten what you changed with CS6.
I hate the animated zoom and the scroll to zoom behaviour but you can turn them off. Also check the Systems mouse prefs/gestures.
The text engine will be different so you probably shouldn't results to be exactly the same when opening in the other app.
You should definitely be setting text in other apps, photoshop is very clunky.
post a link to the comparison you thought was ok, I'd be interested.
Also I think Pasting behaviour did change since CS6, it now always pastes as a new Layer, you can also Paste special so it comes in as a new smart object, or you can set that as a default pref. You should also set your col settings to policy to warn if you are pasting stuff from a different color space.
OK, that REALLY helped. thanks. Got all three of those working as expected.

I think I need to search for a tutorial on ALL preferences.
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