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Sep 30, 2018
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Beyond the blue horizon is a very beautiful sunset.

Hello to all who enjoy Lightroom Queen Forums. moorthgiL has a question and would be extremely pleased to receive advice.

I have the good fortune to have one computer in the UK and another in Spain. Whilst enjoying photography in UK I progress RAW images taken in the UK through to a reasonable state by using Lightroom 5 on the UK PC. When in Spain I progress RAW images taken in Europe in the same way on the PC in Spain.

All the images taken in UK and mainland Europe are kept in folders that are sub-folders to a folder that has the same name on both PCs. To avoid loss in the event of a total hard drive failure copies of all the images taken are stored in the two identical folders in both the countries. In the UK the sub folders of UK images are imported in to Lightroom 5 and in Spain the sub folders of non-UK images are imported in to Lightroom 5.

To ensure that I had not forgotten to add a sub folder of images to either of the PCs I recently added the Folder from the UK to the Folder on the Spanish PC, deleting any duplicates. However, when the combined folders are opened in Lightroom in Spain the images that have been processed in the Lightroom module in Spain and that do have a rating indicating that they have been through the Develop module with an acceptable amount of development now look rather sub-standard and when opened in the Develop module "The file could not be found." is displayed at the top of the image and all of the functions within the Develop module are not available. There is no information within the Histogram Panel and a click on the word "Histogram" produces nothing more than the words "Photo Missing".

In the Library Module the imported folders are all shown but they all have a question mark to the left of the folder name. I have tried doing the obvious by clicking on a question mark then clicking on "Find Missing Folder" in the drop-down but this has achieved nothing.

Will those who know the answer please share it.

moorthgiL. After all, beyond every beautiful sunset is another intriguing horizon.


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