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Sync Syncing virtual copies from Classic to LRCC

Aug 16, 2008
Hong Kong
Lightroom Experience
Lightroom Version
Classic 8
Lightroom Version
Operating System
Windows 10
I would like to share my recent experience.

Years ago (pre-LR) I scanned many printed photos. I did this by putting (usually 4) photos on a the flatbed scanner and scanning to produce a high resolution TIFF file.

A few years later after I started using LR I imported all these scanned files into LR and created virtual copies for each scanned photo. So the original was the Master and there was a virtual copy for each scanned photo.

Recently I had reason to sync some of these photos with LRCC. However, I found when I synced that only the keywords from the Master synced and not the individual keywords assigned to each virtual copy.

As a work around I applied all the cumulative keywords from the 4 virtual copies to the Master copy an then synced the virtual copies. In LRCC I simply went to each photo and removed the inappropriate keywords which was quite fast to do.

If anyone has any thoughts on improving the process please let me know.