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Sync Syncing is spotty with the latest version of lightroom

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Jul 15, 2009
Lightroom Version Number
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
Running the latest version of lightroom classic and app on the phone, I notice that syncing between the two is unreliable. This is my normal work flow:

import about 3000 photos to lightroom classic on my windows computer
create a collection of all photos, enable sync t othe cloud
open lightroom app on phone, on the review tab, start marking photos with stars and colors
go back to lightroom on computer, the stars do not show up
the sync icon indicate everything has finished syncing
let it sit for about an hour, stars still not showing up
reset lightroom on computer couple of times over the day, stars finally show up

Is there a way to get around this? I emailed adobe support, but their robotic responses have been unhelpful.
Hi Kenwood, sorry we missed your thread. Is this still happening for you?
I m now on 12.2.1, problem is still there, and the work around above doesn't seem to work all the time. Sometime I had to open LR on both desktop and mobile, and restart each one and hope they sync. I submitted a support ticket to adobe last month and all I get is a generic response. Annoyed and disappointed.
Ok, when troubleshooting this one, there's an important distinction... are they getting stuck uploading from the phone to the cloud, or from the cloud to Classic? The way to check is to look at https://lightroom.adobe.com to see what's got to the cloud.
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