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Synch Never Completes Due to Photo Stack?

Feb 29, 2020
Lightroom Version
Lr version 4.2 20210301-0713-6cdd6a3 build
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
I have been chasing down a number of SYNC issues that are documented in this post here: Sync Never Compleles and View shows nothing to Sync?
In that thread it documents how I resolved a problem with 7 DELETED ITEMS not syncing properly. Unfortunately I have one item still trapped in perpetual sync on just one of my devices. I have 2 WinPCs, an iPAD, and a iPhone all connected to the same Lightroom Cloudy subscription. One of the WinPCs shows 1 item perpetually stuck trying to Sync.


All the other devices are happy campers with no synch issues. When I click on view I see the "black hole" screen which I have learned typically means the problem is in deleted items because they don't show in searches. However, if you look in DELETED ITEMS you may find images with the little blue cresent shape in the corner indicating an ongoing sync, at least on a Windows PC. When I looked at deleted items everything looked as it should with no synching images. I noticed he image count matched on both PCs so I figured the problem wasn't there. Noticing the count I decided to do a folder by folder, album by album comparison and eventually found one that did not match. The troubled WinPC only had 46 in one album instead of 47 that shows on the other devices.

Comparing the files I found that the trouble PC showed a stacked image and the other devices did not.


As you can see it displays a raw image and the photo stacked behind it is a DNG file created by the Lightroom ENHANCE DETAILS process. Its been a while but I believe Lr creates the stack as part of that process. Since making this discovery all I have done so far is create a backup by exporting an original+settings of each on the WinPC where they are not stacked and does not show any sync errors.

I am looking for advice on how to resolve this discrepancy with the hopes of not loosing images or edits.
Adobe recommended unstacking the photo and making a minor edit and see if everything synchs up. If it clears the sync issue then restack the images if I so desire. That appears to have worked but I did not restack the images.
Sep 29, 2007
Isle of Wight, UK
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Have you run a diagnostic log? Even a mini log should offer some clues and would be easier to read to figure out what's getting stuck.

Have you tried unstacking that photo?