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Sync settings grayed out

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Jun 23, 2016
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Lightroom Version
LR Classic 10.3
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  1. macOS 11 Big Sur
I have changed from eternal LR 6.14 to LR classic for pay.
When I develop my pictures now, i notice that "option-command S" syncs some of the development settings but not all and not the ones I want to make identical on a set of highlighted pics. Does this settings sync of old still exist in LR Classic? (I do not care to 'sync' my images with/in icloud or across other platforms, but just want to sync development settinngs from one pic to several other ...)

Nowhere can I find where to click or un click some of the dozens of sync setting that were available on LR 6.14 for WB, tone, presense, sharpening, noise reduction, profile, chromatic aberration, effects such as grain and soyforth.

I did check the settings tab at the top the LR frame in the Develop module and all settings are grayed out, so I cannot access them at all

What do I need to do to be allowed to change the development sync settings from case to case. There is no sync button anywhere to be found on the full Develop pane in my LR Classic either..

Should I delete my LR Classic version right now and reload a correct version 10.3 with Camera Raw 13.3?

Attached a screen grab of the settings pop-up pane with all of sync in gray and unapproachable.

Thank you!


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Feb 26, 2019
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It must be my night to learn something new. I usually use Copy Settings when doing what you want so I wasn't even aware of Sync. So I looked it up in the Lr Bible (pg 305 in my edition).

The Sync button is at the bottom of the right panel but it only appears once you have multiple images selected. Before that, it will be grayed out in the Library module along with the adjacent button, "Sync Settings ". In Develop module, the button will probably read "Previous" and the adjacent button "Reset". The procedure is to (1) select and edit the 1st image, (2) keep #1 active and select the images to Sync using Ctrl-click (Win) or Cmd-click (Mac), (3) click Sync in Develop or Sync Settings in Library to view or change the selected settings.

You can see Copy Settings by right-clicking an image (or Mac equivalent) and choosing Develop Settings menu and Copy Settings from there. That brings up the settings selection window.

Hope this helps. See pg 305.

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