Sync is only going one way.

Feb 7, 2018
Jasper, Georgia, USA
Lightroom Experience
Lightroom Version
Lightroom Version
Lightroom Classic version: 12.1 [ 202212072312-d7ab524b ]
Operating System
  1. macOS 13 Ventura
I’ve just moved house and set up a new Wi-Fi network. Everything is working around the house.
My iMac set up is exactly as it was before the move.
If I import a photo to my iPad or iPhone and then import to Lightroom Mobile, the image shows up on my iMac in LRC, no problem.
If I import into the iMac, LRC, the images are not syncing to either LR on the web or to my iPad or iPhone LR Mobile.

I’ve done all the normal things - signed out of LRC and back in, closed LRC and reopened. Nothing is showing in Local Activity except ‘syncing 1 photo’ (not unusual), and nothing is showing in Sync Activity. The photos I imported direct into LRC on the iMac are all in collections.

What am I missing?

Ventura version is 13.2 by the way.