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Sync Sync CC to Classic cause file coruption "An unexpected end-of-file occurred." (Windows 10)

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Sep 24, 2018
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Classic 7.5, previous versions as well
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It seems my post was caught in the breakdown, so I'll try again.
When I sync from CC on a laptop back to my desk with LR Classic, I sometimes get corrupt files on the desktop. Maybe one in every 100. It has been going on for a while.
The file exist in the cloud and I can download it from the cloud with no problem.

On LR desktop I have the preview of the file, but when I enter develop I get the error above.
The files does exist on disc, and the file size is 24mb - the same as the other files.
When I try to open the file from disc in photoshop I get the same error.

It seems lightroom sometimes corrups the file when it tries to sync the file.

Have anyone seen this?
I wonder if there is a way to force LR to try and re download it? Now that I think about it, I havent tried to delete the file from filesystem to see if LR will try and download it again. I would not expect it to do that. The files does not appear in the sync error collection.

Thanks @JohanElzenga for your reply to my original post.

For the sake of completeness I will paste your kind answer below. You a 100% correct. I can download the file from Cloud no problem, so I have not lost any files which is great. I would love to figure out why this is happening though, so I can prevent it.

From @JohanElzenga :
"I have not seen it myself, but I heard about it before. I think it's more likely am error in the download process, so a network error, not a disk error. Remember one thing: do not delete those files from Lightroom Classic thinking that you can trigger a new download that way. Instead they would get deleted from the cloud as well.

What you could try is this. Install Lightroom CC for the desktop as well if you didn't do that yet (or use the laptop for this). In Lightroom CC, select the image and use 'File - Save to' and choose 'Original + Settings'. That will download a copy of the original, and with a bit of luck that copy will be fine. If it is indeed fine, then manually replace the Lightroom Classic downloaded copy with this copy. "
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