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Sudden Hard Drive Fail And Subscription?


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Feb 5, 2013
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2013 iMac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.4 8GB Ram 1 TB space Lightroom 5 ver 5.0 64 Bit Photoshop CS6 ver 13.0.5 x64 Camera Raw in both LR & PS is 8.1 (If you need other things I might have them or be able to get the information.)

Recently my iMac hard drive failed. I don't know if my downloading 60-100 74MB image files per folder to my working external hard drive and then deleting 30+ or so from it, did this. I've done this aprox 300 times. I don't download my new photos ever, to my computer's hard drive. I transfer them from a card reader to a new folder on my working Lightroom external hard drive using Nikon NX2 Transfer. I then copy the folder (after renaming folder (Mac HD) and files [NX2]) from the working drive to two other external hard drives to back up. One folder at a time. My iMac is eight years old. Never have had any problems with it. The day it happened everything went well with transferring to the drive as usual. After I was done I ejected the drive. And then disconnected it from the computer I think. But it was ejected. I then decided to keyword and caption in Lightroom. I didn't need my working drive connected to do that for already imported photo folders. Towards the end of my session which was not too long, Lightroom said "working" when I only wanted to apply a few keywords. This had never happened before. Finally I knew something was wrong and closed down Lightroom when it wouldn't respond. I then tried to restart my computer and I got only a folder icon with a question mark. I took the computer to an Apple store and they ran a test and the test said that my hard drive was failing or had failed. (I'm fully backed up with Time Machine on another external drive and also the Lightroom Catalog backups are right up to date on all the drives that also backup my photos.) I don't know if this was brought on by all the above photo transfers and deletions on my working drive or not. I don't know if the drive works or Lightroom works. The drives are formatted for (Mac only) and my computer does not work.
Apple would not put in a new external hard drive, another store would not work on it because the screen was glued on and needed to come off for a new hard drive installation. The computer is 8 yrs old. I asked at a good computer repair shop and they said they could do this, but there was risk with older Macs. The corner of the screen could break when cutting through the glue or some said you had to heat the screen. They also said there was risk, even if you got the screen off, with pulling the two plugs in the back...they could break. Now is this rough handling of the employees or do the plugs tend sometimes to become fragile with age and sometimes break when trying to normally pull them out, as they said? I guess one plug has a handle. (These plugs look very thin to begin with, with what I could see in the videos.) This is going to be a sum of money to do and if something should break, I still have to pay for it and that is money I can not apply to a new Mac. I can get to Detroit or Chicago. I don't know of any good stores there... But again the higher price cost VS the risk of breakage.
Then they went on to say that all the new iMac and laptops and Mini Macs are built forging their internal parts together so you can not take anything out to replace/repair it. (I'm not clear on just what this is or how to say it. I'm not clear on it.) But Apple wants only for you to buy a new computer if something goes wrong. The new iMacs etc... all have a glued screen also. I've watched videos of people showing how to cut a glued screen off an iMac, so some are doing it. But they refer to my iMac as old. And I don't know if the parts will break. If you have any thoughts on this? On what I should do?
(I should not be throwing down a grand + every 4 or five years for a new computer. I guess Apple Care gives you 3 years of care...probably as long as an average estimation of how long they think the computers will work without problems. Then there is no way to fix them. The only way I can think of is at the end of 4 years and I need a new Mac is to get mad and maybe someone will donate me one!!

Now the second part of this. Equally as horrible. And I don't know any way of not questioning this. Maybe others have brought this perceived problem up also. If I bought a new iMac I have to have a new operating system and that means I have to go on subscription as far as Photoshop & Lightroom are concerned. If I go on subscription I have to check in every month, that means going online. I have never gone online with my iMac, only when I've had it at the Apple store. That means to me ( I have no working knowledge of this, just overall opinion) that anyone that is determined (at Adobe or not) can see or pirate all my photos in Lightroom and mess up all the work I have done in Lightroom and/or Photoshop tools and filters after they see what pictures I am taking and what editing I am doing in Photoshop. Or even the edited pictures...if they can recall and take those! It could only take a few small written in applications within the subscription itself, that no one knows anything about, to let someone survey everything I am doing. Then implant something that would mess up my work, or degrade a tool in Photoshop! And other people would think this was a just a glitch! I don't really know about this, it is a fear. I don't see how it could be stopped? Maybe photos can be taken even if we are not connected to the Internet! But I know very little about all this.

I am afraid of subscription. Do you have any opinions on this? I don't know what to do? I tend to think of the worst. But Lightroom is a lot of ongoing work that must stay put if it to work as a database. And sometimes the success of editing in Photoshop depends on your tools staying as is. I'm afraid of subscription.

...And it would be work to find an older computer I could put an older OSX in so I could install my Photoshop CS 6 ver 13.0.5 x64 disk. And could I get Lightroom in it? I don't know as yet, if any of that is doable, and this setup again, would be an older refurbished computer with a diminished lifespan! So I might not be leaning toward this as much (?)
There are also added program problems. I would have to replace Word at cost and update or buy new, three other programs I am using and I would lose 3 other things I do not use. This is a complete change over. I have PSCS6 and Lightroom 5 on a disk.

Thank You So Much for any help. I love this board because you try and look at all sides and tell all parts of a story. And please, thank you for more simple language in an explanation to me. Thank You For Any Knowledge about these two things. I am really afraid of subscription and I don't know about getting a computer.

Thank You For Any Help,