Strange Lr5 behavior on exporting to Ps or Nik, and returning to Lr

Dec 3, 2014
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Hi everyone, I have a question regarding unwanted behavior by Lightroom.

It happens when I open a Raw file in either Nik or Photoshop. When working on a raw file in the Develop module, I create a tif to edit in Photoshop or Nik. After editing, saving, and returning the tif back into Lr, the tif isn't simply appearing next to the raw file. When stacked, Lightroom sends the two files to the end of the folder. When separated, i.e. not stacked, the tif file is taken to the front of the folder and the raw appears in it's correct position. I have looked though the settings and can't see any relevant options.

What settings do I need to adjust, to enable Lr just to leave the raf file in it's original position, with its tif file next to it.

I run Win8.1 and use Lightroom 5, with Photoshop CS5. The raw files are Fuji Raf.

Thanks for any and all enlightenment :)

Edit: I just shut down and rebooted Lr, and now the tif is at the end of the folder.

Lr behavior.png