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Strange Import "black stripe"

  1. Very strange thing happening after import.
    My usual import flow is to use dropbox's image capture to store photos from my phone and my SLR into a folder. Then once a week or so I import this folder into LR.

    I have been doing this for more than a year without any issues.

    Since the last big update (I think) when I perform this import I see my photos, I click on one in the timeline, then after about five seconds about 80% of the image goes black, just a bar of the image appears along the top.

    This then proceeds to happen to every file in the import.

    If I import direct from the camera, THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. so, clearly I will do that for the time being, but just curious if anyone might know why this is happening. Here is a screen capture.

  2. Back in 5.7; I had a data corruption issue with previews. It was tied to importing from one specific folder (an archive folder I was dropping images into as I de-duplicated files). The solution was to exit Lr, delete the previews and rebuild.
  3. When you switch to Develop, does the full photo show up correctly?
  4. this just showed up from the Dropbox team, case solved.

    Hi Henry,

    We recently discovered an incompatibility issue with macOS Sierra (v10.12.2) that prevented some files from fully importing to Dropbox. This issue impacts photos or videos over 4MB that were imported using the camera uploads feature on the Dropbox desktop app, after December 12, 2016.

    Please take the following steps to re-import your files:

    1. We recommend that you not delete photos or videos from the original device until you confirm they’re correctly added to Dropbox.
    2. Ensure that your Dropbox desktop app is up to date. We’ve resolved the compatibility issue in the latest version of our app.
    3. Re-connect the original device you used for camera uploads to your computer. Dropbox will automatically re-import and replace any partially imported photos or videos.
    If you’ve deleted the original versions of affected files, recovering them may not be possible. See this Help Center article for additional information and support.

    - The Dropbox Team
  5. Thanks for sharing Henry