Started Traveling. Catalog Dilemma

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Mar 5, 2014
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Hello all,

Recently I have started traveling more frequently than I am used to, for various projects, some weeks a daily basis (4+ hours in the car) or weekly basis (out for 3-4 days, back for 2-3 days)

All my pictures/folders reside on my Synology.
My catalog sits on my macbook pro.

I normally work/process through my images at home, just open up Lightroom, make sure it all connects to the Synology and good to go.

However, due to the frequent traveling, I am severely back-logged on my photos. I am trying to figure out the best workflow/management for this.

Possible "Travel" Solution.
1. Keep catalog on macbook pro.
2. Copy photo folders/images from Synology NAS to a portable external drive.
3. Edit/Tag photos when I am traveling.
4. Come back home, copy/replace all images/folders back to Synology.

If there are any better solutions, please let me know.
Keep the catalog on the MacBook Pro and use smart previews. This is exactly what smart previews are for: to have a chance to edit your images while the originals are offline.
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