start number of importing files

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Aug 22, 2009
Loire Valley, France
This is a little thing that is annoying and I'm sure there must be some setting I can't find to change it.

When I'm shooting in the studio, I download my flash card to the computer to see how things are, then I want to photograph more. It drives me wild that LR doesn't remember the sequence to start with on the next import.

eg. My file names are YYMMDD_'''1, etc. If I download 32 images, I want LR to be able to remember that the next download should start as YYMMDD_''33 unless I say otherwise. Bridge did this.

Thanks for any advice.
Hi lnicole!

LR does indeed remember. There's a trick though. The naming template uses SEQUENCE#. If you edit your naming template when importing you will see three different tags under NUMBERING. SEQUENCE# just counts and starts over at 1 with each import. IMPORT# starts at 1 and counts each import (no matter how many files are in the import), and IMAGE# is a running count of images starting at 1.

So change SEQUENCE# to IMAGE# and LR will just keep counting up from 1!
And should you ever need to change that start number manually, you'll find it in the preferences dialog.
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