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Stacking - JPG is on top

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Jun 15, 2022
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Lightroom Classic version: 11.3.1 [ 202204181225-f90ebff5 ]
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  1. Windows 10
HI All

Quick curiosity.. I have a Fuji XT4 that i'm playing around with regarding my workflow and RAW+JPG (seperate thread) in part of my experimentation i stacked the files using the auto stack and zero time difference. All worked fine except it stacked the JPG on top. EVERY post i have read about the subject suggests that the raw gets stacked on top, and the most common request is how to change it to jpg. Mine is the reverse.. how do i get it to default to RAW on top and jpg second? I'm not saying my workflow is going that way.. i'd just be interested to know.

May 9, 2015
Palo Alto, CA
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Actually, most people either let LrC treat RAW+JPG pairs as if they were a single image and don't worry about it (only one preview in the grid that represents both images). However if you insist on importing them as seperate images, and LrC happens to decide that the Auto Stacking will put the JPG on top and you want it the other way around, try this.....

1) unstack them all.
2) select all the RAW files
3) Rename them to the same file name with an "A" at the end
4) Select all the JPG's
5) Rename them to the same file name with a "B" at the end
6) Sort the grid by file name (now the RAW's will be positioned before (to the left of) the JPG's
7) Do the auto stack with zero time

I haven't tried this but I suspect it will respect the currnet sort order of the grid (but maybe not)
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