Stacked Photos - Want Smart Collection for Them. Can they be filtered?

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Apr 14, 2012
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I found a thread that is relevant but it was archived and over a year old so I am wondering if there might be a different solution. Also wondering if LR4 allows filtering of stacked photos. I don't yet have LR4, but I plan to upgrade this old XP machine and get v4.

I have quite a lot of staked images of which almost all are bracketed shots in groups of 3 - 5 of the same subject. I want to add them to a smart collection or be able to filter them. I now know better to issue a keyword; color label, or some other unique attribute that can be filtered, but I have accumulated many stacks before realizing this. Is there a plugin? Or are there any other suggestions?

In the archived thread, John Beardsworth mentioned his Search Replace plug-in: "the Parse & Audit feature of my Search Replace plug-in includes stack position."
If this plug in is the most viable for achieving the goal, can anyone elaborate a little how to use it for filtering stacked photos? Is the plug in compatible with LR4?
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Smart collections will list the photos in stacks if those photos' metadata meets the collection's criteria.

As far as I know, my plugin is the only way to make the stack position searchable.

I just checked and John R. Ellis's "Any Filter" plug-in allows you to search for the following stack attributes.

Stack size
In Stack
Stack Collapsed
Stack Position

For more information you can go here: Any Filter Lightroom Plugin

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