Spot Removal for hairs?

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hi there,
I think that lightroom is good or sufficient for removing the odd small bit of dust from your image. However for each bit of dust you remove it creates one of those circles so surely if you had 2' bits of dust to remove you would have 2' of those circles and a piece of hair would be too long for a circle to get rid of -- do you guys use photoshop or elements for this? thanks
Yes, or lots of little-bitty circles in a row..... :)

Seriously, I've taken out some narrow linear objects with this technique. Principally where I knew pixel-peepers wouldn't be involved. (A common example for me is the little overhead mikes hanging down over a church sanctuary, which intrude into wedding photos.) Once, I was able to remove a whole concession stand which was a distracting background in an otherwise nice shot. Fortunately, it was placed up against a wooded area, and the random nature was a big help.
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