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Dec 6, 2008
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I have just imported 200 images which are stored on separate drive. During import, File Handling was set to: Render Previews: 1:1.
Catalogue Settings/File Handling is set to Standard Preview size 1024 - Preview Quality: Medium. My MacBook Pro screen resolution is 1440px.

While mac had access to separate drive with files, I could work just fine on images. Now, with separate drive unhooked, about half the images appear extremely pixelated. Wonder why some images are just fine, others not.:shock:

I believe that setting the standard preview size to at least 1440 pixel should solve your problem.

I will try just that, though I don't expect it to do the trick. What I am talking about is not ok previews and not so ok previews but excellent previews and grossly, grossly pixelated previews, so the difference from 1024 px to 1440 px seems minute in comparison.
As somebody suggested in the U2U forum, are you sure you had your external HDD connected until the rendering of the previews was finished?

Oh yes: originally, the files were imported to my MacBook Pro hard-drive and LR remained on well beyond import. The next day the files were transferred to separate harddrive and file path updated to reflect this. Everything ok.
Today was spent in the office working on the images. Again LR remained active long after finishing work on images.
Now I am home and want to review the images, but alas, only some previews are ok while most of them are barely recognizable and grossly pixelated. So wonder why some ok and some definitely not.
Back in the office, I connect external HDD,in LR/Library/Previews/Render 1:1 previews. This did the trick.

Originally, all previews were fine, also when external HDD was not connected.
It seems to me, that LR subsequently did not update previews following extensive adjustments in Develop Mode. I thought LR would automatically update previews as images were manipulated, but apparently not so. Now I know to update manually - to avoid embarrassment when presenting images to client at their location.
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