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Solved: Info overlay on Secondary Monitor toggling behavior

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Brent Harsh

New Member
Nov 20, 2016
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Lightroom Classic 12.0.1
Operating System
  1. Windows 11
For the longest time I have been frustrated with the Info overlay behavior on the secondary monitor - sometimes, it's on; sometimes, it's off; and almost *never* would it obey the "i" keystroke which only seemed to change the main monitor. I finally hammered on things enough to understand why.

Lightroom appears to keep the "Info" state separately for each module. For example, in the library I can set it to show the date/time, and in the Develop module I can set it to show the camera info. Switching modules once in that state shows me the Info format changes. Apparently when activating the secondary monitor, *that* display uses the Library module's Info setting. Therefore, when I am working on an image in Develop, and the info overlay on my "large" display is blocking a few pixels I'm interested in, when I toggle it off with 'i' - it does *not* change states on the secondary module because I'm only changing the Develop module's Info state. What I ha assumed would be logical and I wasted a lot of time trying to make work is putting the mouse into the secondary display and typing 'i' - doesn't do it and clearly isn't intended to.

The only trick to setting Info state on the secondary display is navigating back to the Library module in the main monitor, toggling Info to 'off' which turns it off on both primary and secondary displays, and then going back to Develop and carrying on. Hopefully I remember this, because it seems so obviously to just move over the 2nd pane and type 'i'.

I found this ancient thread (https://www.lightroomqueen.com/community/threads/info-display-on-2nd-monitor.17784/) which expressed similar confusion, but I couldn't comment on it so figured I would post this as a "hint" for anyone else who might be searching for this. Keywords with this are often too vague (ie "info" and "overlay" have several different meanings within Lightroom, so I never did find an article or my exact question answered like this. Hope it helps someone else... I'll try to put all the keywords in below.
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